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  1. I agree with flytire on the Kopter scissors!!
  2. After our last misunderstanding, I'll try again...LOVE this picture, as a cooking enthusiast and lover of different regional foods. Good cold brew probably goes well with this...eh?
  3. Mark, These are just amazing. As someone who has enjoyed your store's site numerous times, I find this group of knives further testament to your incredible abilities. Just BEAUTIFUL!!! Cheers My Friend, George
  4. I seem to think the guys here are just like the guys I used to break balls with when I was working...and they were a TOUGH but fun bunch. Thanks for understanding!!!
  5. My apologies!!! Didn't mean for my sometimes strange sense of humor to offend.
  6. ??????????????????? Horrible picture
  7. I won't get specific with names, but apparently many of the vendors, tyers and other exhibitor types are just unhappy with the way things are being run and have decided enough is enough. Based on info from folks I know well in the business, they feel they are charged too much money for space, being treated...shall we say...unpleasantly and just a rather hostile atmosphere. Of course I'm getting one side of the story, but based on those long time friends/sources I will accept what I've been told at face value.
  8. All in good fun guys...all in good fun!!
  9. Say what you will...it is still idiocy...in my opinion.
  10. Going off subject for a moment...could we PLEASE stop with those idiotic abbreviations like OTOH or LMAO or FYI. The language is made of of words, not that tiresome nonsense.
  11. Thanks guys. I always appreciate your hat size expanding comments HA ๐Ÿ˜‚HA ๐Ÿ˜‚HA ๐Ÿ˜‚ I forgot to note the 2 materials in the throat are black heron just long enough to reach the hook point...this is schlappen sub since my heron is WAY TOO LONG for this application...and orange hackle (again schlappen) of standard length. The hook is Ronn Lucas, Sr. Noble DS size 3/0.
  12. The colors may be basically the same, but Vince's version sure ain't no Tomah Joe. But like so many salmon flies they change and evolve over the years.
  13. Dean - You don't even need a new tension screw. The clip is in that position because it works in that spot for me. I just push down on the near edge and it opens up the spring, I put the desired material in place and then continue going about my business of tying. - George
  14. Just being smart๐Ÿ‘ I put a small piece of larva lace over the point of the hook when working on a classic salmon fly. Protects from damaging the silk floss in the tip/tag area as well as the floss that may be part of the main body. I've also stuck my fingers once or twice in the past...but not now๐Ÿ˜Ž
  15. I tried to send these photos to DFoster, but no can do via a PM. Then after thinking about it I thought some of my other fellow HMH TRV users might also want to take advantage of what I did to my vise. I wasn't thrilled with any attempts to add a material clip that was rock steady and fit my TRV. I was looking at the setup on my Renzetti Master and realized I could probably put that clip to use. So...I bought one from Renzetti, opened the hole on the flat metal part just a wee bit and voila...it did the trick. Works like a charm!!!
  16. After taking a brief break from the tying bench I started scanning Mike R's book Classic Salmon Fly Patterns, and just stumbled onto this one. It has some interesting differences in that there is no topping, 2 totally different materials in the throat and without the ubiquitous jungle cock on the sides. I'm generally pleased with this tie, but like most tyers I can find flaws that I didn't notice until I studied the pictures. Feel free to comment and offer thoughts.
  17. I'm going back to conversations from the 1970's...maybe the very early 1980's. So who knows?????
  18. I could be wrong, but to the best of my memory from conversations with Vince, the only thing he did was use a standard salmon hook instead of your basic down eye wet fly hook. I do not recall any mention of any other changes to the pattern.
  19. I am a BIG believer in simplicity when it comes to flies for trout. To me this is virtually perfect...and I know that bad boy will catch fish. Can you tell I love it?๐Ÿ˜
  20. Ah yes...you can't miss Tom Herr's influence in your work. Just stunning Krakenfly. As a Ronn Lucas, Sr. hook aficionado I also must admire your hook work as well as your tying. A great combination of ingredients from someone who apparently is a relatively local guy in relation to me. I'm near Valley Forge.
  21. My wife and I lived in Chester Springs for 20 years. When I retired we decided that 1760 vintage farm house and 4 acres was more than we wanted to deal with. So...we sold the old place and moved to where we are now which gave us a lot more time for ourselves.
  22. Like I said...all of these things about any and all vises is purely personal taste. I tie on either a Renzetti Master or a HMH TRV. Love them both. I live about halfway between Phoenixville and Valley Forge Park...approximately 30 to 35 mile WNW of Philadelphia (Chester County)
  23. That's easy and purely a personal preference. I find the appearance to be off putting, as in clunky and rather awkward to use with the spring sticking out of the top of the vise...plus the handle on the side is also something that just makes the whole appearance a little strange. I tie classic salmon flies on rather expensive hand made custom hooks ($14.00 each and up) and the jaws have a way of damaging the finish no matter what type protection is added around the hook. Plus I prefer, no I have to have, a true rotary vise as part of my working needs on said vise. That pretty much sums it up I suppose...or at least that is what comes to mind at the moment.
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