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  1. Just curious...Did anyone here go to the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show? If so...how was it?
  2. I love vise discussions...and this one is no exception. If someone gave me a brand new top of the line Regal I would simply give it to someone else. I DO NOT like that vise. I am on my 3rd HMH TRV and after Mark did a modification to the jaws I will keep the one I have. I am on my 3rd Renzetti Master and have now found one that works the way I like...long story. Keep at it with the Dyna-King for a bit. It it still is unsatisfactory then get rid of it and find something you like and works for you.
  3. I filled the 1 year old Forester on Wednesday for $364.9 and the 7 year old Highlander yesterday for $375.9. That's $.11 in 2 days...and I get a $.10 discount by using my BJ's credit card. My fishing days are over due to health issues so the price of gas has no effect there...but I'd sure like to be able to fish even if it was fewer days on the water due to the price of gas. Go when you can and make the best of it.
  4. You're probably right. That becomes obvious when they smile at you and show their mouth full of teeth 😁
  5. Mark - I love your creativity on this one. If the pike don't love it as well, I suspect it will scare the hell out of them. 😂 Cool vise too!! - George
  6. My father's side of the family is from the Ukraine...thanks Norm. We all (I hope!!!) stand with the Ukrainian people !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. FliesbyNight - Thanks for this post. You are spot on when you mention keeping these skills alive!! The late John Veniard once said tying flies of any sort is a craft...not art. He believed anyone could be taught to tie any kind of fly, just that some people will do it better than others. My thoughts...just enjoy the tying and then catching fish on your own flies, good, bad or indifferent.
  8. Gotta love it...and Rosborough's flies are absolute fish catchers!!
  9. That's cool. I just had to satisfy my curiosity and I love the flies. Thanks for the response.
  10. WWK - Are you tying these or are they samples from days gone by. - George
  11. Just the tyer's version of writer's block. I'm certain before long I will say something like - whatcha doin' boy...tie some flies 😁😁😁 Then I'll be back at it and enjoying every moment as usual. Thanks guys, George
  12. Of late it seems as though I can't generate any serious interest to sit at the vise and do any tying. Happens from time to time I guess. Therefore I'm putting my "stuff" away for a spell and when the urge is upon me I'll get back into it. Meanwhile I'll hang out and check on what's happening here from time to time. Cheers, George
  13. Most interesting fly. It looks virtually identical to a pattern that here in the east we knew as the Dick Wood nymph. That was tied with wool rather that floss and it was deadly!! The colors were milk chocolate brown on top, white on the bottom, then dropped into a cup of strong tea for a while to obtain the desired color.
  14. I just got off the phone with Bob Selb, my long time friend and owner of The Classic Fly Fisherman located in Lansdale, PA. He has come into a nice cache of premium jungle cock, and he asked me to put the word out to my fellow tyers. If he says premium you can bank on it. Asking price is $150.00 US. I'll let those of you interested contact him direct via his site and I suggest calling him. If you do make contact him just tell him George K. put you touch. Site: www.classicflyfisherman.com Phone: 215-412-3667 or 866-930-3667 Cheers, George
  15. Norm - After doing the regular updates to my computer everything is working A-Okay - George
  16. Sounds good to me...makes a lot of sense too. Thanks for the info and a good tip!! Cheers, George
  17. I probably posted this before...but it is a taste of summer.
  18. That has been working for me lately as well, and the same goes for the "prev" block. So far so good with the changes from my perspective!!
  19. Simple question Scott...why the need for a indicator on a size #6 dry fly? Most interesting pattern by the way.
  20. Regarding moving from one page to another...If I am accessing the site from an email due to a subject I am following - no problem. If I access the site via Microsoft Edge - no problem. However if I access the site via Google Chrome then I cannot simply jump from one page to another on the given topic. Go figure......
  21. All I can say guys is you are doing a super job...and the changes that seem to be coming can only improve what is happening here. Thank you all for your hard work!!!
  22. I was going through some Classic Atlantic Salmon fly photos and ran across this one from the not too distant past. I tied this one when I was on a kick for something different than my usual schtick. The hackle is marabou and not real eagle of course, but the feathers I lucked into are of good quality and that helps a great deal to enhance the finished. I hope others of you out there will also post some of your flies from the past. That is always fun and educational.
  23. Does anyone remember the pictures in the Dan Baily catalog of the ladies in Livingston, Montana doing the tying for that fly shop?
  24. It makes me have this flashback moment as I read about your first fly fishing show ever. I know I sounded like a cranky old fart in my previous post, but the shows have run their course for me. It is nice to know that the shows still hold a special place in the heart and mind for another generation of fly fishermen & women. They sure do get rid of cabin fever...don't they?😁😁
  25. HA👍 HA😎 HA😂 HA
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