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  1. Sounds good to me...makes a lot of sense too. Thanks for the info and a good tip!! Cheers, George
  2. I probably posted this before...but it is a taste of summer.
  3. That has been working for me lately as well, and the same goes for the "prev" block. So far so good with the changes from my perspective!!
  4. Simple question Scott...why the need for a indicator on a size #6 dry fly? Most interesting pattern by the way.
  5. Regarding moving from one page to another...If I am accessing the site from an email due to a subject I am following - no problem. If I access the site via Microsoft Edge - no problem. However if I access the site via Google Chrome then I cannot simply jump from one page to another on the given topic. Go figure......
  6. All I can say guys is you are doing a super job...and the changes that seem to be coming can only improve what is happening here. Thank you all for your hard work!!!
  7. I was going through some Classic Atlantic Salmon fly photos and ran across this one from the not too distant past. I tied this one when I was on a kick for something different than my usual schtick. The hackle is marabou and not real eagle of course, but the feathers I lucked into are of good quality and that helps a great deal to enhance the finished. I hope others of you out there will also post some of your flies from the past. That is always fun and educational.
  8. Does anyone remember the pictures in the Dan Baily catalog of the ladies in Livingston, Montana doing the tying for that fly shop?
  9. It makes me have this flashback moment as I read about your first fly fishing show ever. I know I sounded like a cranky old fart in my previous post, but the shows have run their course for me. It is nice to know that the shows still hold a special place in the heart and mind for another generation of fly fishermen & women. They sure do get rid of cabin fever...don't they?😁😁
  10. HA👍 HA😎 HA😂 HA
  11. Good Morning Scott, Very basic obviously works well. My Nikon D3000 is ??????? years old and like you my setup is rather basic. A friend threw together a crude simple lightbox and I use that with the standard lens and a tripod I've had for 40+ years. My latest background is a slate roofing shingle which I learned from a friend in upstate New York. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers, George
  12. Scott - What kind of camera gear are you using for such crystal clear and perfect photos? - George
  13. I have followed the commentary about the TRV since its introduction, and it has been interesting to say the least. I have had 3 of them. The first would hold anything from a size 10/0 down to a size 8, but nothing smaller. The second one was good from size 24 up to 2/0. but nothing bigger. I was somewhat puzzled by this and spoke with the powers that be from HMH a number of times. They told me that as a small operation they couldn't just customize the vise to suit each and every tyers need, and with a quiet good natured laugh Jon told me "you classic salmon fly tyers are a pain in the ass". I believed it was the best thing I have tied on and became determined (obsessed ?!?!) to find one that met my needs. I bought a 3rd vise after a fellow on this site told me he had modified his own TRV in his machine shop to accommodate a full range of hooks and he would be happy to do the same for me. So I bit the bullet and gave it a go. My current modified TRV allows me to tie my classic salmon flies easily up to a 6/0 or 7/0 with the needed protective plastic around the hook. It also will hold a size 24 for tying Trico spinners no problem. I will add that a fellow at Breton's in Maine told me they had not had one TRV come through the shop that would handle anything larger than a 2/0 in several years. I still use my Renzetti Master as well and as it stands now my 2 vises are on equal footing with me. Finally...Norm got rid of his due to personal physical issues making it difficult for him to properly tighten the vise to hold the hooks he uses.
  14. Nice to see you on this segment of the site again. Pattern has to be deadly!!
  15. I have no need for the trade...but I'm curious. What is the issue with the TRV?
  16. I stopped going to those Fly Fishing Shows a few years ago. They became the same old, same old...and like Gene L there is nothing I need. If I really need something I'd rather patronize a local shop anyway. I spoke with a friend who went to the Edison, NJ show and he told me the number of vendors was down, attendance diminished, fewer tyers...just generally pretty bad. I wasn't there, but knowing this guy well I'll take his word for an accurate appraisal. Anyone else go there? What was your opinion?
  17. All part of the good fun among we fly tyers. Keep those beauties coming...
  18. Thanks gents...much appreciated.
  19. I guess the fly is okay...if you like beautiful design, incredible workmanship, mix of materials & colors. Well...you get the idea. Just stunning!!👍
  20. I know where you are coming from. One winter in Florida we made the same sort of excursion onto Worth Avenue in West Palm Beach. After driving past HUGE ocean and intercoastal waterway front properties for some 20 miles on route A1A nothing could surprise me...but Worth Avenue did. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls, Bentley and Aston Martin among others gives one pause as to just how much money is out there. Just amazing. Oh...did I mention the stores. Again...just friggin amazing!!! I hope whoever buys the vise puts it to good use and enjoys every moment.
  21. You are so right flytire!!! Crazy...maybe Mark. Definitely greedy. Well one thing that is always true...people will collect anything. So don't be too surprised if it actually sells.
  22. Vicrider mention $2-3K a few years ago. Well that was for just a vise and base. But do all the gadgets and geegaws add up to another $7K. I don't think so. I didn't hit the lottery last night so my flies will have to be what they are without that $10,000.00 improvement😂 Capt LeMay probably nailed it...good old fashioned greed. The vise is located in Tampa...maybe you can get a looksee😎 Dean - You face the same problem I do. I don't have that kind of discretionary cash...and Linda definitely WOULD NOT understand😁
  23. We are all familiar with the auction site ebay where you can find all sorts of fly fishing stuff from rods & reels to materials, etc. Well I'm certain many of you have heard of the legendary LAW fly tying vise. A highly desirable collectable, or so we've been led to believe. Well there is a LAW for sale right. It is in new condition with ALL of the goodies Lawrence Waldron offered when he was making the vise...and I mean ALL of those goodies as well as the carrying case. Ready for this? It can be yours for only $9975.00. Don't waste any time it could go fast. Now if I hit the lottery tonight...hmmm Betcha it is a good hook holder too
  24. Love the look of that stream. Reminds me of an unnamed spot about 90 minutes from where I sit. I've been fortunate enough to have fished in a lot of places, but what you describe and the stream in these photos is my kind of fishing. Thanks Dean!!!
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