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  1. Wow! I could be wrong, but I think that's actually an African Rock Python not a Burmese Python. I believe they're established around Miami at this point, but have only been so for a few years.
  2. While I mainly used my Wilderness Systems Ride 115, my decade old Malibu Mini X has been my go to kayak since COVID began. At under 10' in length, it fits nicely in the bed of my truck and makes for easy impromptu trips if I happen to pass interesting water along my drive.
  3. Rattle flies are tied. I'll get them in the mail either tomorrow or Monday. Chris
  4. Thanks Mark. Believe it or not, that stream is one of the clearest I've found in southern Louisiana under normal conditions. It's just currently five days removed from Hurricane Delta dumping a fair bit of rain into the drainage. In the spring, I was sight fishing for spotted bass along the same stretch of water. Here's what it looked like then:
  5. Decided to put in a few miles on a local stream yesterday morning. https://fatfingeredflytyer.com/2020/10/14/spotted-bass-wade-trip-october-14-2020/
  6. I appreciate it, skeet3t! I'll definitely take you up on the offer. And it's hard to beat an LA crawfish boil. Hopefully things are back to normal by peak boil season next year. Most of the ones I get excited for each spring all ended up cancelled due to COVID lockdown this past spring.
  7. Just received a very interesting box of flies. I'm headed out to chase spotted bass in the morning, but will make a point to give some of these a try on the sunfish while I'm out there. Thanks everyone!
  8. Thanks for the tip, Skeet3t. I had planned on trying to locate Sam's Creek before the week was out, but sadly never got around to it. The thought of a 9" brookie makes me really regret not making the effort. I'll make a point of locating it earlier in the week on my next trip (likely May). Chris
  9. Thanks guys. I plan on framing a copy for above my tying desk.
  10. Results are in! My wife's photo took first place! https://news.orvis.com/fly-fishing/meet-the-winners-of-our-2020-20-days-in-september-contest Thanks again to all who voted! Chris
  11. Last day to vote. Figured I'd bump this back to the top in case anyone else wants to take a look. Thanks again to those who voted. Chris
  12. Thanks to all for the kind words and support. Whether or not she ends up in the top 3, I'm extremely proud of her for being selected as a finalist among 2000+ entries. Chris
  13. Appreciate it! The photo was taken along Lynn Camp Prong on our final day in the Smokies last month. Didn't catch any brookies that morning, but the scenery certainly made up for it.
  14. Hey guys, Orvis just announced the finalists of its annual 20 September Days photography contest, and I'm excited to share that my wife made the final 10 with the photo attached. Please check out her entry (listed under my blog name "fatfingeredflytyer") and the nine other great finalists at the link below: https://news.orvis.com/fly-fishing/vote-for-the-winners-in-our-2020-20-days-in-september-contest-and-maybe-win-something-for-yourself And if you happen to think her shot warrants a vote as one of your top 3 choices, she (and I) would certainly appreciate the support. She only took up fly fishing in August and is rather excited that a photo from one of our first trips since she began was selected in this contest. Thanks Chris
  15. They do stock rainbow (rainbeaux) trout in all the ponds around here the last two weeks in December. Your fly should be perfect for that.
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