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  1. Not sure why, but I began thinking about tying a parachute-style Wasp pattern as I fell asleep a few nights ago. Finally sat down yesterday evening to attempt it. Needs a lot of work, but was fun to put together.
  2. Thanks guys! I admittedly don't use this pattern with frequently, but when I do I use a floating line as I'm fishing shallower waters or over weeds. As for the color, I have some red & white tied up to try on chain pickerel in the coming weeks. This purple version was actually meant for redfish as I've read some guides in neighboring TX favor it when targeting reds on shallow flats. The fishing pictures were on my cell phone, but the fly picture was taken with an old Nikon dSLR and 90mm Macro Lens. I agree. While there are still quite a few small public ponds in my area, they are generally overfished. This little retention pond was dug as flood control when the subdivision I live in was built 12 years ago. They stocked it with bass, crappie, bluegill and bullhead among other things, and it sat largely unmolested for a decade. The result is a small pond that produces the occasional 14-15" crappie and bass pushing 10 lbs (though my personal best is ~4 lbs). Thanks again guys. Chris
  3. For all the craziness of 2020, one benefit has been added time on the water. Working from home 50% of the time has allowed for an unimaginable level of flexibility in my schedule, and, as a result, it has been rare for more than a week to pass without a decent fish on the end of my line. Similarly, I've found myself back on the vise with increased regularity and began putting together a collection of step-by-step tutorials in my free time. Overall, it has been a fun process and a silver lining to an otherwise bizarre year. As the weather changed in mid-October and work became a bit more chaotic, I suddenly found myself in the midst of a 4+ week skunk. I was still getting on the water occasionally, but the fish just weren't where I expected them. I was still tying though and, at a minimum, made a point of testing out the flies I was creating for my tutorials. That brings me to last Wednesday. A "busy work from home" day, I decided to break after my morning meetings and test a few flies in the retention pond behind my house. I had a stack of larger streamers I had tied the prior weekend and wanted to see how they looked in the water. Dusting off my 7wt, I tied on a 5" purple Seaducer pattern I had used for one of step-by-step's on my blog and headed out back. To my surprise, a decent bass swiped at the tail of my Seaducer on the very first cast. Cursing at the missed opportunity, I cast to the same spot and was surprised to see the water explode. Not a huge fish, it was clearly better than anything I had hooked into in quite a while and I pulled out my phone to snap a quick picture in case I wasn't able to get it up the embankment. But as luck would have it, my hook set held and, after a brief battle, I was able to swing the 2-2.5 lbs bass up onto shore. A quick pic, and I sent the little bucketmouth back on its way. I spent another 20 fishless minutes testing out a few other patterns, but was content to begin my afternoon's work with the skunk finally broken. Chris
  4. Thanks, @Moshup! This forum certainly motivates me to keep pushing myself! Chris
  5. Testing the limits of my eyes and fat fingers this afternoon. Tied on a Firehole 317 (size 20)
  6. Quick and easy beetle from this morning. Hook: Firehole 317 (#18) Thread: 6/0 (Black) Underbody: Peacock Herl Wingcase: 2-mm Craft Foam Legs: Micro Centipede Legs Hotspot: Parachute Post
  7. Looks great, Rick! Let me know how it works once you have a chance to try it. I know one angler in South Texas has told me that he's been having recent success with the pattern. Chris
  8. @Mark Knapp I finally had a chance to tie a few Long-eared Sunfish Lunch Money patterns with the Jungle Cock feathers you sent. Still need to work on getting the placement right, but I think it's a great addition to the fly! Thanks again, Mark!! Chris
  9. Consider me in, Nick! "Work from home" schedule cleared up this morning, so I was able to squeeze in a bit of tying. I'll put together a panfish/warmwater box for my contribution. Thanks for hosting! Chris
  10. Seducer on a Gamakatsu B10S Stinger (size 1). Feathers are purple, but my camera really wanted them to be blue.
  11. Damselfly Nymph from this afternoon. #14 Daichii Swimming Nymph Hook, single clump of olive marabou, gold ultra wire and bead chain eyes.
  12. Sounds like a plan, Nick. I think I'll be in good shape after this week, but will let you know once I know for sure. Thanks again Chris
  13. A great looking group of streamers arrived in the mail this morning along with a few extras from Kim. Big thank you to Kim for hosting and all of the tips! Looking forward to the Nymph round! Chris
  14. When is the sign up deadline again? I have about one more week of craziness in the office to take care of before I can commit to anymore swaps in the near term. Assuming that goes smoothly though, I am certainly interested. Chris
  15. Missed that the first time, Kim. I'll definitely direct him towards the swap if I run into him again this week. Chris
  16. Haha...Oh I'm looking forward to receiving my streamers. Those will be the first addition to the new box!
  17. Hey guys, Thought I'd share another quick SBS I put together on one of my "work from home" days last week (amazing what you have time for when you cut out the commute). This one is a simple shrimp pattern that has done well for me this summer with both Specks and Reds here in southern Louisiana. Nothing fancy by any means, but it's a nice smaller profile pattern that works well when the fish are keying on shrimp. Let me know what you think. Shrimp Fly Step-by-Step Chris
  18. Thanks guys! That gives me quite a few ideas to start with. A number of patterns look similar to what I had in there, but there are quite a few things that I can now see were missing from my selection. I think I may pick a pattern from the list above each week and tie a few up for the new box. Should have quite a nice selection by the time spring hits. Unlikely, but I do have a bit of hope though as a young game warden stopped and spoke to me shortly before I left. He seemed to be completely unfamiliar with fly fishing and spent a few minutes asking me about it. When we finished chatting I referred him to the local club if he wanted to give the sport a try. He wrote down the club name, so it's possible the box makes its way back to the club if he happened to be the one who found it. It's a long shot, but who knows... Thanks again everyone. Chris
  19. I appreciate the recommendation!! And will definitely tie a few up. I've been surprised at how willing largemouth are to take smaller offerings. I had an 18" delicately sip a #14 cricket pattern while fishing for longear sunfish in a small stream earlier this summer. It was quite a surprise when I set the hook and something that size exploded from the water. I actually started a separate thread if anyone else has any suggestions:
  20. Hey guys, In one of those moments of true brilliance earlier this week, I managed to leave my warmwater fly box on my tailgate as I headed home for the day. As a result, I'm now tasked with rebuilding this collection from scratch and thought I'd turn to the knowledgeable folks here for pattern recommendations. The lost box contained 200+ flies (streamers, poppers, terrestrials, dries and nymphs), so there's a fair bit of rebuilding to be done. I know I'll be stocking a portion with my go-to patterns from the past summer, but there's still a fair bit of space for new patterns as a number of the lost patterns rarely produced and don't warrant restocking. The waters I fish contain bass (largemouth & spotted), a variety of sunfish, catfish, bowfin and pickerel. If you were restocking for these species, what patterns would you be starting with? Thanks guys! Chris
  21. That's quite bizarre. I added the earlier comment assuming I was logged into my account. Apparently my new iPhone logged into an account on here I never knew existed? Guessing I set it up years ago on an old phone, forgot and the password was saved. I appreciate it, but no worries. Rebuilding the box will be a good project for me this winter. As for the contents, it was a mix of poppers, streamers, terrestrial patterns and nymphs I use locally for bass and panfish. Chris
  22. Thank you for sharing, Mark! Looks like an amazing time! Chris
  23. Slumpbuster (size 6) from yesterday morning.
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