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  1. I took the kayak to a little backwater pond for pike this morning. Not much for size today, but there was good numbers and a few chunky bass. Also, not a fish but a neat picture anyways, the old bridge across the river at the parking lot. The pike pond is a little bit upstream plus a portage through the woods.
  2. Thanks, that makes sense, I definitely agree that the un-coated ones look nicer.
  3. Good luck, I am sure you will have a great time no matter what. The driftless is a very special place--I understand the obsession. Looking forward to seeing some pictures!
  4. Those look great Mark! I especially like the parachute fly--very buggy. Just curious, why are the top three coated with something (I assume UV resin?) and the bottom two are not?
  5. Nice story, those torn up flies are hard to let go, they seem to fish better sometimes. I agree with richmce, frame that photo! I keep a box full of "memory flies", and many of them are simply flies that are worn from a good day/season of fishing, just like your popper. I hope to put them in a shadow box on my wall some day.
  6. Yes I did have trouble, so after a few tries I ended up just putting a thick coat of beeswax on the dubbing loop thread and putting the clump of deer hair straight in that way. After some adjusting I made it work, but it wasn't ideal, so a pic would be great! It may just be because I use a cheap chip clip and it doesn't always hold materials well. Also, thanks for the compliment on the buford, but it doesn't use a loop (although it does look like it does), everything is either spun, reverse tied, folded, or tied in in small clumps. It is quite a long process and there are a lot of materials in there, but it is worth it for how well it fishes and casts. Only problem is each one ends up being tied a little different because I can never remember all the steps. 😄 @Mogup Thank you!
  7. Tube buford. They always look like a huge mess until they get wet
  8. I like it! Great background for a very nice fly.
  9. I finally decided to try Kimo's deer hair emergers. These two are far from perfect and I still need much more practice, but once I get it figured out these will be getting a spot in my fly box for sure. First attempt: Second try:
  10. To be fair I only have two rods, but I really love my 5 wt. It is a TFO Finesse which has a slower action than most rods out there, and it makes nice smooth casts. It won't do super long casts, but at short to medium range it is just a joy to use. I got it for 50% off too because they decided to discontinue it, so that was nice.
  11. Thanks for sharing that link Poopdeck, it is very interesting and gives me a lot to think about. I didn't get too close to the carcass because it reeked, so it is hard to say for sure--perhaps I will check again after it has decayed further and see if there are any remaining signs. We have a lot of coyotes around here as well, so that is certainly a possibility, and if it wasn't for the noise I heard I would say you're probably right. Coyotes make a lot of strange and unnerving noises, but I have never heard one make a noise like that. I agree with what others have said about there probably being more mountain lions around than most people think. Most creatures can go unseen in the woods if they wish, and considering that lions like to roam, spotting one is like hitting a moving target in the dark.
  12. Very nice colors, I really enjoy seeing the rods you make. Do these 10' 3wt rods work well for short overhead and roll casts on smaller ponds and streams? I've been playing with the idea of getting a 3 wt setup once I have enough money saved up, and I'm unsure if I should go longer or shorter, but I would think longer would help with the roll casts and little flick type casts that I normally use.
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