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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions i just bought the scientific angler frequency trout double taper 3wt. But in mist green. I think its visible enough. Thanks again.
  2. I know this isn't about fly tying, but ive been looking for an orange hi vis fly line 3 wt but cannot seem to find it. Does anyone know of where i can buy this?
  3. I guess i better learn the breaking strength cause all the spools i got 12 of em are the same .what do u recommend for deer hair ? thats the next ones i think i gonna practice tying. Thanks for the reply.
  4. I just got me some UTC 70 thread, it breaks to easily, way easier then the 6/0 Veesus or even the 8/0. Is this th he way its supposed be or should it be stronger? I'm thinking of returning it to get some Vessus for tying midges.
  5. Hello, I am going to tie a few royal Wulff flies. I was wondering about the calfs hair, what could I substitute it with i have the deer tail white hair, is there another substitute i can tie with?
  6. Yea it looks great, its that, being new at this i got a little confused. I'm going to take another look at the feathers and see if i can sort them out. Thank you for the info.
  7. I got from amazon whiting farms fly tiers variety pack. And on the description it says it has american rooster crest. And american rooster cape trims, and american hen cape trims, and whiting rooster cape and hen trims. Now i looked on google and cannot find if there is such thing as american rooster crest other then that red crest on top of their heads. Now if anyone has the time and wants to tell me the difference between these , i surely would appreciate it lol. All i see is like 6 or 7 bundles of different colored feathers.
  8. Thats also why i got a 3wt i was and still do at times use my ultralight spinning set up with 4lb test and a 4wt fly rod i built into a spinning rod wen i u used to build rods but know i buy em lol. My fly rod set up is certainly not a 300$ setup but i do have a 5x tippet and its really light line. Maybe one day I will be good enough to go somewhere and fish for trout. Thanks for the input now i dont feel so alone at being a beginner.lol. have a good time catchin.
  9. Thanks Mikechell, so what size tippet and leader u use for size 6 , and would that be the same for my 9ft 3wt? Thanks again.
  10. Oops ok then probably 8 to ten yards.lol. so i can go to a ten hook maybe eight on my 9ft 3wt. I really dont want to buy another just for fishing blugills and crappie.
  11. Thanks i also was wondering im new at tying also. BTW. is there a way to find out th he weight of these beads?
  12. Just got back from practice on fly casting on a lake. So i had my 3wt 9ft out and best cast was like maybe 20 yds. But i figured im just begginig to learn. Anyway, i wanted to know if i could use maybe a 10 size fly or bug , without having to buy another rod? Just curious.
  13. Thanks, i really was looking for a quicker change in flys . Yes i had a couple that the eye was blocked i couldnt figure out why i couldnt get the line thru till i tried putting a hook point through it lol. But i finally cleared it.
  14. Should i use a clip to put on the flys? Would it effect my ability to cast the fly? I had the hardest time tying a 14 size dry fly. Lol! Took me me 20 min try to get it thru cause of that hackle.
  15. I'm confused on that dropper rig with a hopper fly or i guess a dry fly or popper. Ok so i got a 4x tippet for a #8 hook fly. Now i wanna make a dropper rig tied to it , the hook at the end of dropper is #10 weighted nymph. Now the ? Is , with that dropper on would it be to heavy for the 3x tippet?
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