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  1. Pitch is black. I make about 1/2 lb of cobbler's wax at a time.
  2. The cobbler's and white waxes have to be softened in hand but set up to make a very durable fly. The cobbler's wax contains pitch so it is even more durable. The cake wax is a blend of six or seven ingredients. The friction caused by drawing the thread through it is enough to soften it.
  3. That's a nice fly! It looks very well made.
  4. Thanks, I really appreciate it. I'll check out your Purple Haze.
  5. Thanks DrLogik! I have made many pounds of wax over the years. For the average tyer the basic 7 2 1 rosin, beeswax and castor oil formula works fine. My stuff is more complicated and required a huge amount of trial and error before having any success.
  6. Why Wax http://www.rackelhanen.se/eng/10284.htm
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