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  1. I think I sent a few extras anyway - just keep them! You worked hard on this swap! Gary
  2. Question - what are we doing about smashing barbs? I usually smash mine but want to adhere to the norm for the swap or any std policy for swaps. Thanks, Gary
  3. Wasn't sure if this fit the category. Some folks will consider this a wet fly or even a streamer, but I like to weight it down and let it roll along or drag it along the bottom, so I consider it a nymph.
  4. Will be tying the old classic "Wooly Worm" for this swap, weighted so you can roll it across the bottom.
  5. I have a DynaKing Barracuda - it’s a full rotary vise. I can’t see any upgrades after using that? The jaws work through a wide range of hook sizes. They do make a midge attachment, but I’m not going there - I can’t see a midge let alone tie one!
  6. I'd like to join in! Pattern to be determined in next couple weeks; will advise. Thanks, Gary
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