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  1. Correction. I Incorrectly gave instructions on how to tie Fravels’s Fancy Fly. I found it in one of my old books from the 70’s. Size 10 to 16 2x long streamer hook. Tail - grizzly hackle Body - Muskrat fur Tie soft grizzle Hackle in front the Muskrat. Head - grey or black thread
  2. Fravel’s Fancy Usually Tied on 12 to 16 hook. Tie in grizzly hackle for tail. Next choose another grizzly hackle and wrap two or three turns at the start of bend of hook. Wrap two peacock herls ( with small wire optional) several times to give tit a full body. Tie in another grizzly hackle and wrap two or three times in front of the peacock. Tie off your head and your done. Another note about the size of the hackle. Usually the the back hackle was just larger than the hook bend and the front hackle was a size or two larger. Hope this helps.
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