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  1. This time of year in a smallie stream I don't think you can get them too big. Big and heavy. Big streamers worked along the bottom can get you some hawgs.
  2. Very nice! Looks good n' cray-fishy.
  3. Man I love the colors on that fly. Nice job.
  4. Nice clean work. I know a pond where the gills & bass would tear that assortment up! :thumbsup:
  5. I'm in Louisville so I'll be sure to check out the website. :thumbsup:
  6. I'm lucky. My wife likes to fish and encourages me to tie flies if I enjoy it. But she hates it when I leave my empty beer bottle on the kitchen counter...so it balances out. :dunno:
  7. Nice. That would make a nice smallie fly also.
  8. I saw them last September on the first leg of the S&A tour in Cincinnati. Awesome show! 3.5 hours of pure entertainment plus Digital Man, Entre Nous & Circumstances...seeing those three songs in person was worth the drive and the price of admission. You'll love it but they have tweaked the setlist this time around.
  9. Now that was a tour to witness. Best setlist of all time. Lucky you.
  10. I've caught nice smallies off of a pattern like that. I picked it up in a swap from the board as a matter of fact.
  11. I buy the knotless tapered and make a loop after several flies have shortened it and slap on some 4, 6 or 8lb. test mono depending on the situation. I am looking into a furled leader though after hearing nothing but good things about them.
  12. Nice and wiggly. Just what bass like, nice tie.
  13. Awesome tie. The colors & shape look like a plastic grub that just kills on my local streams...looks like I'll be tying some up!
  14. A buddy of mine tied a craw pattern out of deer hair that floated and it was very effective so I wouldn't worry about it being too floaty unless it just won't sink at all without help.
  15. I'm looking forward to this set of flies. After what's hopefully the last cold weekend until Blackberry Winter in May, the next few weekends should be cranking up the smallie action.
  16. :headbang: Whew! Got mine done (finally...) minutes ago and they are in the mail tomorrow. And Stony, there's a special color in there just for the host!
  17. I'll have mine out in a couple of days. Looking forward to all the flies.
  18. Quick ties for some vacation pond action...
  19. Got held up with work yesterday but I got the flies in the mail today. I'm out all week away from the computer...fishin' no less, so y'all have a good week.
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