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  1. I'm going to see my favorite band this summer! Rush in concert at the Marcus amphitheater in Milwaukee, WI. I missed them twice down in Detroit but they happened to be in Milwaukee at the same time I'll be at my grandparents house in Marinette, WI. Needless to say I'm REALLY REALLY excited. I'm thinking they probably won't be touring a whole lot longer. This was an opportunity I couldn't pass up! Done with my rant now.



    :yahoo: :headbang: :D :rockon: :thumbup: :kicking: :jumpy:


    I saw them last September on the first leg of the S&A tour in Cincinnati. Awesome show! 3.5 hours of pure entertainment plus Digital Man, Entre Nous & Circumstances...seeing those three songs in person was worth the drive and the price of admission.


    You'll love it but they have tweaked the setlist this time around.

  2. J.Z.


    I rarely, if ever, comment or criticize someones fly design. I figure if you like it, great. Different strokes for different folks right?


    With that being said I gotta say that while it's inventive and original, I think you may have designed the first topwater Crawfish Fly. Even with the dumbell eyes and assuming you wrapped the hook shank with wire I would say the best you can hope for is neutral bouyancy which kind of goes against the design of a Craw Fly.


    I'd lose the foam carpace / tail and go with something a bit less "floaty".


    Unless, of course, you've got a plan that I'm not hip to? :dunno:


    Kudos for trying something new buddy..


    Scotty. :D


    A buddy of mine tied a craw pattern out of deer hair that floated and it was very effective so I wouldn't worry about it being too floaty unless it just won't sink at all without help.


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