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  1. I've uploaded a pic of my EP Shenk minnow variation over at the Warmwater forum. I'll have them finished up & ready to mail next week after I get back from vacation.
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Mandoyak: EP Shenk Minnow
  3. Thanks for the addy, Half & Half's will be in the mail tomorrow. :cheers:
  4. I need the address please, flies are done & ready for the mail...:pimp:
  5. I was in a smallies swap last year & I'm again in with a synthetic Half & Half; some groceries for the hawgs! John
  6. I'm in with a Shenk Minnow variation.
  7. I would think that the added weight wouldn't keep the fly all that far below the water surface, if it would at all. But if it did I think that would make for a great (if ever-so-below) topwater presentation...more surface disturbance = more bass attention! See, my logic works! John
  8. Very cool concept & nice deer hair work. Only thing I can think to adjust would be using a hook with a wider gap for easier hook-ups. Keep up the good work. John
  9. I debated (with myself no less) whether or not to go with the 4mm or 5mm rattles. I think for a Musted 3366, size 1, the 5mm may be a bit too big and I think the 4mm should be the way to go. I was concerned with how "rattle-y" the smaller ones would be. As it is I used the bead-chain eyes to minimize weight but I figured they'd be pretty heavy. Perhaps too heavy for my 6 wt., ah well, another good excuse to buy a new rod! John
  10. Used Bass Pro's 5mm glass rattles, mylar tubing, and EP fibers. Cool recipe and can't wait to try 'em out. Good ol' red/white and well, it ain't no use if it ain't got chartreuse... John
  11. Tied up a couple after I got the new "Clouser's Flies" book:
  12. Joe sounds like Doc from "Cannery Row" John
  13. Just had to report on some success with Swinks1966' Foxee Clouser over the weekend. It just killed them on a local Kentucky stream. Smallies, largemouth, gills & rockbass...all of good size just couldn't resist it. Fished on a delayed strip - pause they took it consistently. Great fly, thanks again. Mandoyak
  14. Got my flies in the mail today :headbang: , great job everyone and thanks! I have to say that my favorite is Irish's "Burbler", that deer hair is packed tight, very nice. I'm hitting the creek tomorrow armed with this pack looking for some pre-spawn smallies. I would hate to lose any of these fine flies but I reckon they're made to get wet! John
  15. I am using a Fujifilm "A130" digital on the "Closeup setting" (for my avatar for example) and that gives me some crazy detail close-up photos, no doubt a little TOO large but great close-ups nonetheless. For positioning the fly I'm simply placing them on a vise clamped on a chair next to a wall, here's a pic: John
  16. I stumbled across a book on Amazon by Joe Bruce, "Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass", came out in 1997. Has anyone read it? Worthwhile? Informative? Any reviews before I get it? Thanks, John
  17. Great looking fly/bug!! After trying some deer hair the last few days I must agree that your packing & stacking technique is pretty darn good, especially near the hook eye! John
  18. I tried a couple of these except I moved the tie-in spot for the rabbit strip claws a little farther up the hook shank toward the hook eye just to see what it looks like and added some rubber legs & deer hair for all the antannae stuff:
  19. I had to add some pics of my bug & streamer boxes I've tied up so far. Plus a bonus shot of my beat up mandolin case covered with a variety of flies, notably my first attempts at a couple of Sparrows:
  20. Done and done! Going in the mail tomorrow, I tied up some productive (at least here anyway) good 'ol Silver Outcasts that get tossed when the smallies are crashing the minnows. John
  21. Has anyone used a wet fly set up for stream smallies? I'm thinking the larger flies that Al is describing (size 6, etc.) could be used in a tandem rig (is it 2 or 3 tied on the leader?) & swung through the bottom of riffles / head of pools would be productive. I'm thinking their movement qualities would draw some smallie strikes...obviously a wet fly rookie question. BTW I love this forum, great flies being posted. Any thoughts / comments? Off base? Plausible? NCAA bracketology frying my brain?
  22. I'm having the same problem with Firefox & Safari but the links do work (unfortunately) on Explorer.
  23. I meant loud as in "freaking bright" not noisy, I got no problem with clangy, squeaky lures. Yeah, I'm a huge proponent of buzzers, especially early in the morning. There's nothing quite like a good topwater bite. John
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