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  1. You might want to try some craft hair with wing-n-flash or some similar flash material. Try sparsely layering the materials like with a "Blonde-style tied streamer" until you get the desired fullness or profile. That craft hair really lets the underlying colors come through. That's what me & others have been using on float-n-fly jigs to make minnow imitations and it's been effective so far. Here is a page of float-n-fly jigs that might help with the idea: http://www.punisherjigs.com/categories.asp?cID=4 Mandoyak
  2. I've had my Regal for a few months now after upgrading myself and it's been all thumbs up. Great holding power, easy placement of hooks; but not really a rotary vise although it can rotate 360. I tie mainly bass flies & jigs, nothing very small; so if that's what you tie it could be the answer. If possible go out & try a few styles if a shop has a few different brands to make sure it fits your needs. AND the price is pretty good for the quality of construction. Mandoyak
  3. I'd recommend any type of Float-N-Fly type of fly like those on the above link. They're basically a minnow pattern tied very sparsely with lots of flash, some are nothing but flash. I guess their going after the very small young-of-the-year baitfish. Mandoyak
  4. I've seen that fly in flyshops & my fishing buddy has thrown it a few times, no fish on it yet but it sure looks good. I've been trying to get around to working up a couple. Mandoyak
  5. Looks like a great fly to use as a dropper...off to the tying bench! Mandoyak
  6. Thanks, the top left is the same from a little different angle & is a little out of the light. The bottom fly has grey rabbit fur & black flash that landed a 14" last weekend. I was using a black/purple on a stained pond last weekend also that had a hog snap my 6lb tippet without much effort! Mando
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Mandoyak: <a href="http://flytyingforum.com/index.php?act=flyshow&showid=1951">Clouser Craw</a> <img src="uploads/img43163ac6c7fd6.jpg"> This pattern has been very effective the past few weeks, I've varied the colors depending on water conditions. Not the greatest photo setup, I need to get the "studio" in order! mandoyak p.s. - what happened to the photo? I added my comment & it disappeared...trust me iwas there
  8. My eyes!!! My eyes!!!....dang that's bright. Seriously though, cool fly. John
  9. D'oh! You had to ask... John
  10. Well where I was at had no shoreline brush/trees at all. Just grass...it could be the vibration in that shallow of water, I'm not sure..but it worked. mandoyak
  11. I too was pond fishing this weekend and the largemouth were crashing the shallows after whatever they could fit in their ample pieholes. I noticed that if I cast from the opposite bank to where they were they were much less spooky than if I sneaked around and cast parallel (sp?) along the bank. Try this method, but that could be easier typed than done depending on the shape of the pond you're on. John
  12. Hybrid bluegill: http://www.hffinc.com/Hybrid%20Bluegill.htm Back in the early 80's they stocked Paintsville Lake in east KY with them. They are definitely more aggressive and bigger. Mandoyak
  13. Got to hit a farm pond this past Sunday night, going after some hawg bluegills (and this pond has MONSTER gils, will have to remember camera next time). Tied on a hopper for the topwater action and attached a #6 or #8 red squirrel nymph as a dropper for the subsurface bite. Caught several giant bluegills, the owner says they ain't hybrids but dang they're big. The interesting thing is the number (6 or 7) nice largemouths (1lb - 3.5 lb) that devoured the little nymph. Going back and hopefully will have pics in the future. Mandoyak
  14. THE definition of coolness. Very creative. Mandoyak "SUBsurface" too funny
  15. Looks good. I had the same idea except in more of a muddler style. The "Firetiger" muddler so to speak, it worked too. Caught bass, bluegill & even 3 crappie on it. Thanks for the pic. Mandoyak
  16. Mandoyak


    Ooo, very nice. The rabbit strip for the claws I've found work really well.
  17. Yeah the Strymph looks like a great fly but I have a heckuva time getting all that fur in the dubbing loop and making it look anything like a Strymph. Me and the dubbing loop go round & round but with practice it's getting easier. I have Skip Morris' "Bass Flies" book and it has pretty detailed photos & instructions oh how to tie the Strymph but I have a way's to go yet! Mandoyak
  18. Hi all, my first post here. Very informative site. I had great luck nymphing an all black Murray's Helgie (wooly bugger with ostrich herl for tail instead of marabou) in shallows & into the tail ends of pools last year. Will be using the same tactic this year with a couple of extra patterns to see how they do. Mandoyak
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