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  1. Bead head buggers hook - daiichi 2340 size 4 thread- brown veevus 6/0 , some are finished with other colors to help with identifying weight. ( number lead wraps) head- 7/32 tungsten gold bead tail - brown marabou flash - copper flashabou body- dark brown opal estaz - standard size hackle - whitings bugger pack- grizzly dyed brown
  2. Lefty’s deceiver 1/0 saltwater hook tail- white saddle hackle, pearl Krystal flash, flashabou polar flash silver body - white & chartreuse deer hair throat- red flash material thread- uni 6/0 chartreuse sally Hansen head finish
  3. Brown gulf shrimp, variation of a “Mcfly angler” pattern. His body uses kraken dubbing hook 1/0 saltwater head - medium brown Congo hair bead chain eyes antenna etc….. - rusty brown Krystal flash, brown & orange speckled rubber legs body - same Congo hair, rusty brown Krystal flash chenille, Uv resin legs- brown polar chenille tan 6/0 veevus thread
  4. Went to the Edison show for the first time ever this year. First fly fishing show ever actually. Drove 4-1/2 hrs through the storm. Stayed for two days, spent a bunch of money, went to a seminar. watched some casting demo's, talked with some great people. It was nice to be able to actually cast some different rods, try some different lines. Overall I had a blast. It was great to get out the damn house. I thought the setup with the guest fly tiers was great.
  5. Some “dubbed body shrimp” from Mcfly Angler hook - gamakatsu ss15 #4 weight - small lead eyes thread - uni 6/0 fire orange Feelers/antenna etc…… hot spot- para post hot pink brown barred rubber legs pearl crystal flash homemade crustacean eyes dubbing- senyos laxer dub tan getting ready for a trip to Texas this spring
  6. Similar in use, but Swiss straw in a natural material I believe. I want to do a side by side caparison.
  7. Found it online (amazon), didn’t look in the craft stores yet.
  8. Cruncher muncher nymph- Ian Collin James - smallmouth/trout pattern hook - ahrex fw540 #8 body- grey dubbing /rabbit legs- mottled hen feather thorax- brown dubbing Wing case- tan plastic raffia thread - veevus black 6/0
  9. White puke fly - Ian Collin James- smallmouth pattern size 6 ahrex fw540 tail - rabbit body - dubbed rabbit silver bead chain eyes thread - veevus white 6/0
  10. Upstate

    I have sad news

    a late, sorry for your loss.
  11. Good Stuff!! I'm gonna be down in port A in the spring. I'm planning on packing a rod. Hope to get a day to explore a bit. Did the guide thing last time. Caught one little dink. I would rather do my own thing and get skunked than pay a few hundred to get skunked.
  12. It’s been awhile. Getting back to the bench. saw this on the Coastfly site. microfry size 12 fire hole 609 white thread mirage tinsel body large opal body/tail - mallard flank body - Uv resin might paint some eyes on it
  13. The new setup. Time to fill the drawers, and get a higher stool/chair
  14. Will do. I got the monster moved into the basement tonight. Will start setting up soon. Here is a pic of the my old setup.
  15. I just got my hands on a nice two person drafting table with drawers down the middle. I got it for free and thought it might make a nice tying setup. The top is 40” high. my question is, do any of you tie on anything high like this ? My current table is 29” high. I’m thinking a taller, comfy swivel chair might do the trick. I haven’t been on much since the early spring, but with the days getting shorter it will be tying season once again soon.
  16. thanks for showing us that one. i really like that one and will be making a few for the box
  17. Metal tape minnows from autumn 2019 fly tyer magazine jay fullum article Hooks - size 4 and 2 6x long thread - white 6/0 uni underbody - layers of foil tape body - pearl mylar piping hook wrap- sparkle braid pearl wing- small bundle of white buck tail throat- red flash material I had. Don’t even know what it’s called. eyes- 6 mm sawbellys will be coming in soon and I thought these would make a nice imitation for a hungry trout or salmon and even a early smallmouth.
  18. Smoke wagon- Kelly Galloup pattern I added a tungsten bead on this one size 6 - 3xl hook
  19. A couple Dalai (dolly) lamas (Llama) I don’t know which spelling is correct. I’ve seen both. hook - gamakatsu b10s #4 (back hook) Body - olive and white rabbit zonker conehead - large black/nickel pearl lateral flash
  20. thanks, come on warmer weather!!
  21. Trying out craft fur have see what it looks like in the water
  22. Franke Shiner recipe from tight line video site (Tim Flagler) slight variation from this as I didn’t have any light olive buck tail. I used natural instead. hook - mustad streamer limerick 3xh/7xl size 4 body - utc large opal mirAge tinsel over uni stretch belly - white buck tail throat - kingfisher blue saddle hackle back - natural buck tail / olive Krystal flash /olive buck tail thread - olive 6/0 uni thread head - coat of sally hansen / painted eyes / another coat of sally Hansen
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