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  1. @troutmaster08 Can you give me edit access?
  2. It's no soft hackle but it's my own. Thanks for all the advice!!
  3. So I'm a new member to the incredible fly tying community and need advice on how to work soft hackle, any advice?
  4. I would love to put some patterns on here! I'm new and unsure what it I but let's do it! I need easy patterns because I'm new.
  5. Minky (edited) Size 8 streamer hook Tan thread Rabbit fur strip (any color) Pearl chennile I made a small size 12 nymph that smashes bass, and I caught my first yellow perch on it. I'll get a photo in later. Size 12 dry fly hook Brown thread (you can change it, I used it because I'm starting out) Any color rabbit fur 1/8 brass bead
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