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  1. I catch fish on clousers and decievers but think the action of the intruder might catch more fish. The materials for intruders like marabou waft in the water in enticing ways. I'm still looking or an intruder based saltwater pattern that fishes well like a white/chartruse clouser or looks to imitate an anchovy/sardine.
  2. Does anyone tie saltwater flys on intruder chassis? I'm looking for a good baitfish pattern but on intruder chassis.
  3. Where do you get those 5 piece blanks? Very nice grips!
  4. Thanks flytire! That looks pretty close. I order that and the cousin of that. Thanks all who posted!
  5. Cactus chenille is not it. CC is a string with the buggy fibers coming off. This stuff is more like the synthetic you would use to tie a Clouser or deceiver pattern but "buggy" with tinsel fibers in it.
  6. The FTD orange is pretty close but not as "stringy buggy" as my picture. Thanks...I have not used FTD products but the pics look good.
  7. Hi, Can anyone tell me what this fuzzy orange material is called above the blue rubber strip? Thansk!!!
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