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  1. Some pike/musky flys top 2 are tied on 3/0 hooks, bottom 2 5/0 hooks, lol random fly is the 1st fly I ever tied
  2. 1st attempt at a pike fly or a fly of this size, I need some pointers if anyone is willing to throw them out there.
  3. Size 14 hook dark shade rainbow scud dub articulated micro spines 8mm and 6mm utc red ultra wire copper bead head forgot size natural grizzly saddle feather random biot feather for wing casing that looked good lol. Getting ready for a fly tieing competition, please tell me what you think, honest opinions are always welcome
  4. No way lol, I got that for $10 bucks
  5. Just using wood duck feathers, wally winged, haven't got to trimming it yet, I may not because I like how buggy it looks.
  6. Working on a spent caddis, what do you guys think?
  7. I have no problem with that at all, from what I read it was hit or miss with the jaws
  8. How do you determine the value of this, while google searching I found some crazy prices but I can't go off that
  9. Messing around with foam, dobsonfly any helpful criticism would be great.
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