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  1. That is about what I was considering, as I am in Montana. With everybody's input I am now thinking I can just pull the lines off each reel, clean them, stretch them, and wind them loosely back onto the reel, and accomplish whatever good it might provide. Good info, Thanks, guys!
  2. In 1969 my first fly rod was a Pfleuger, with a level line, . 3 years later I graduated to a 9 ft, 6# True Temper, with a cheap double taper line. I was quite thrilled. I broke down and bought a Fenwich glass rod in 1980, and never looked back. Regarding bass when they "come looking', well, yeah, sometimes. And sometimes they flee at any disturbance. They usually have their own criteria. I have been doing well fishing the connector streams between a chain of local lakes, and in 2 ft of clear water, they are very easily spooked. But it is great fun when they slam the bug. Thanks for the info, guys. It confirms what I suspected. And only 90 some days until Ice Out! Dee
  3. I have an old 6 weight Garcia Fibreglass rod, which I use for Bass in my local lakes. It occurs to me that when this rod was built most lines were double taper. Does anyone have experience with what lines might work best with these old rods? I fish small lakes, from a boat, so casting distance is not an issue, but the lakes are frequently crystal clear, so a delicate presentation is a factor.
  4. I am up to about a dozen fly lines, and beginning to wonder if I shouldn't pull them off the reel and let them "relax" for the winter. Do any of you guys recommend this? What method do you use to prevent massive tangles?
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