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  1. A new pattern I have been working on for awhile. These little guys are with me all the time while fishing, drive me crazy, and can't hide from them. (not the kids) The Horsefly
  2. Hi Group, Just added a Copper John video because this was a lot of fun to tie with some interesting little challenges. I am going to make this in a few more color patterns and sizes. It is a traditional pattern which I wanted to represent as best I can to respect the original creator. The shopping list is added to the post and in the video. The link is https://youtu.be/OG3acoCDEC8
  3. I love tying all kinds of patterns with foam but I always reach for traditional patterns. The Letort Hopper is a fun pattern and not to hard to tie. This is a must for summer days and a nice breeze and looking for some top water action. I hope you enjoy the video. https://youtu.be/DGiFqa_fmpw
  4. This is our year for the 17 hatch also. i am looking very forward to it ( well at least for fishing).
  5. The Foam Cricket This is a very special pattern to me and I ended up using it for my funwithflies.com mascot. He is also an animated character I created who teaches children about all types of bugs at funwithflies.com/Kids-Bench/. The Pattern is pretty basic and simply changing the colors around it makes a nice grasshopper. To watch the video How To Tie a Cricket
  6. Nice..i actually looked up a Kato Fly..went completely over my head..lol. I am working on a traditional hopper pattern this week which I hope to share by Friday. Thanks for the nice comment.
  7. A new foam pattern I have been working on to g get ready for spring. I hope you enjoy. YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/kg1RCIqBRLA
  8. My first pattern and still favorite is the Wooly bugger like most people are replying. I don't think it is the easiest but really has you practicing some strong foundation work for later flies you may want to try. With so many colors and materials to try it really makes for an excellent pattern. I have been tying for 8 months and wanted to add this new video if you are interested. The youtube link is: https://youtu.be/xcyVlN96nHI
  9. Hi, My name is George form Virginia and joined the forum about a month ago. I have been weeding through the forum and really enjoying what I am reading. I have been tying for going on 8 months and fly fishing for several years with a long hiatus in there. I wanted to share my original foam Cicada pattern as my first video in the forum. All the images I share have a youtube video on how to tie them and will include the link https://youtu.be/4QjLqyKIhAA .
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