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  1. I'm thinking I will mostly target trout and steelhead. I will probably target pan fish for the occasional fish fry. Sorry, for responding so late in comparison. I was not expecting such fast response. Thank you! Although, I am not entirely sure what I will target in particular. I am located in Michigan lower peninsula, so it would be all freshwater species. I am planning to fish lakes a little bit, but mainly rivers a streams. I"m not exactly sure if there is a way to respond directly to a post. But here is my attempt! I was just hope for all around best materials.
  2. I have just started tying flies. I have some materials in a kit. But am a little overwhelming when picking out new material, since there is so much to choose from. What are the essential materials for getting started for fly tying? A list of you top 10 or 15 materials would be fantastic!
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