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  1. eflyty


    While I am new to this site, I had been a long-standing member on the WI Fly Fishers website. Sadly that website has really faded... I like to tie and fish for a lot of warm water species (pike, bass & panfish), but also fish for trout in the local streams and on the shore of lake Michigan and her tributaries. I am also a bamboo rod fan. In addition to fly tying and fishing I do woodworking as a hobby. I look forward to conversing with all of you! Eric
  2. Hello from a newbie on this site!

    The reason I am writing you is that I noticed your unique spool & tool holder that you have on your tying bench.  ( saw your post on an old thread titled "Tying Benches").  It looks like a great idea!  Ergonomic, solid & with lots of capability.  It looks like it was custom made for you.  I am an experienced woodworker and I am seriously thinking of building something like yours to add to my fly bench.  Would you change anything about the design of yours?

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