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  1. I'll add more praise for the CDC and Elk. I vary the thread color and deer/elk hair depending on what I need. I've also been thinking about adding a trailing shuck. I just got back from a week at fish camp and a slate wing CDC and Elk was the hot fly (olive thread and gray wing).
  2. Iso

    Bunny feet

    Dying them is the real hassle. It was always a good purchase in shops. After the last year, I can understand shops waiting to fully restock. I can't blame them... but the march browns are going to hatch and some of us need a quick and easy tie!
  3. Iso

    Bunny feet

    Thanks for the links! Like I said, I don't normally buy these online, so I didn't want to buy straight from a google search.
  4. One of the items I used to pick up in fly shops was snowshoe rabbits feet. They were reasonably cheap and usuals are a go-to in my box. Shops don't seem to carry them as much anymore. As a result, I need to track down snowshoe rabbit's feet that are dyed orange or rust colored. Any recommendations?
  5. What patterns do folks use for golden stone flies and how do you fish them? I typically weight the heck out of a big hare's ear. I often see big shucks on rocks in the summer and don't do particularly well with my current approach.
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