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  1. All 4 of the flies you posted are well done, but in my opinion this one takes the cake! The bronze mallard looks great; and as mentioned above, I think that the head is actually on point for the "classic" look. I have not tied a Blacker pattern yet, but you have brought them higher up on my list! Haha! Great tying!
  2. Thank you! I will start a topic over there once I finish the next stage and cover the progress to that point!
  3. Thank you! I just happened to notice that you are located in SE Pennsylvania? I am outside of Harrisburg!
  4. Id be happy to! Where is the realistic forum located? I can't seem to locate it in the forum navigation, or is it another site entirely?
  5. I razored the blue Boyne once before finishing that one, so I can relate to the struggle! Can't wait to see your finished dusty miller, as that looks like a fine attempt! I really don't see anything wrong with the winging itself!
  6. Next fly from the Blue Boyne set, the Blue Boyne itself, on a #2 rework. Pattern from J.P. Traherne, as published in the Fishing Gazette, 1885. Subbed kingfisher, because the thought of using 24 cotinga in one shot makes me sweat. Haha To echo the recent post, I would love to see some works from others as well! I am very much a novice in this area, having only begun tying this year, but I think the greatest amount I have learned has come from examining the work of others and having discussion. If anyone is on the fence to post their work, regardless of how it looks, just know that it could possibly serve as a big learning tool not for yourself, but for others too. Additionally, if anyone is thinking about entering this area of tying, I will happily help with any information/tips I can! As always, any feedback/critique on my fly is appreciated! *Additionally, I added a picture of another project I am working on, a realistic Cicada Killing wasp. Just completed the extended abdomen, have a long way to go! Was unsure where (if anywhere) this type of tying would be posted. Feel free to remove if it is out of guidelines!
  7. Thank you! The hook making and finishing has definitely been a learning process! I have tried multiple types of finishing for the hooks, and the Japan lacquer is certainly worth the extra hassle. But boy does that stuff smell when you are making it 🤢
  8. Red Pirate from Kelson's Blue Boyne Set. Decided I was going to tie my way through the Blue Boyne Set, and for whatever reason chose to start with the pattern I could find the least bit about! If anyone has any examples of previously tied Red Pirate's, I would love to see them, because I believe I could find only one picture of a very "artistic" interpretation of the pattern. Tied slightly larger than called for on a #2 hook, as I plan on displaying them, but wanted to keep true to the smaller nature. This was the first hook I have made and finished with the black Japan lacquer that I mixed up; and it handled the vise jaws wonderfully. Advice/critique/commentary is appreciated, as always!
  9. A few from the other day: Foam Caterpillar's Hook: TMC 200R size 10 (debarbed) Thread: UTC 70 chartreuse Body: 2mm chartreuse foam & alcohol based permanent marker Legs: semperfli ultrafine chenille (singed at the ends)
  10. I am with you there! I actually had a big nasty one drop on my shoulder while fishing, and instinctively tried to swat it off....promptly broke my rod tip in the tree it came from. 😂 Thanks, Kim! It certainly doesn't fit the "traditional" spider category! Haha! That is a horrifyingly awesome tie!
  11. I am with you there! I actually had a big nasty one drop on my shoulder while fishing, and instinctively tried to swat it off....promptly broke my rod tip in the tree it came from. 😂 Thanks, Kim! It certainly doesn't fit the "traditional" spider category! Haha! That is a horrifyingly awesome tie!
  12. That is one heck of a generous offer, Mark! I hope others take you up on it and venture out of comfort zones! I certainly don't need any materials, but you post gave me the nudge to jump into the Flies from the Vise! That being said, if you were to open up the coffers of exotics, I would love to tie a pheasant tail nymph variation with some Quetzal! 😜
  13. Saw the call for some new blood in these threads, so I figured I would hop over and post my tie from last night! Itsy bitsy spider hook: TMC 100 size 18 Thread: semperfli nano silk 18/0 dark brown Underbody: brown beaver dubbing Abdomen: 1.5mm foam colored with permanent marker Thorax: brown pheasant tail fibres reversed over dubbing underbody Legs: Japanese Nymph Legs colored with permanent marker to match
  14. I spent around a month designing and tying my second artistic/freestyle salmon fly, and the thought to give it a name never occurred to me. In lieu of calling it Number 2, I am open to suggestions! 😂 Tied on a 5/0 XL Phillips of Dublin hook made by Ron Reinhold
  15. Oh absolutely! It is quite entertaining to think of his character transferring to this day and age, and how he would be received in the public eye. I think he would have found a way to work himself into "cancel culture". 😂
  16. Thank you ALL for the wonderful feedback! It truly means a lot! Bob, the wing is two strips of Shoveler Duck flank! Niveker, you are absolutely correct in your observation that this is a fairly "sparse" pattern compared to most of the classic patterns. It's also interesting (to me at least) that this pattern does not use the golden pheasant crests for the tail or a topping over the wing, like most patterns, but rather features them in the body of the fly. That was actually the main factor that caught my eye and led to me dressing the pattern. To validate George's insight on Kelson's rampant ego and flair for the dramatic as an author, you don't need to look any further than his own description for this fly following the pattern recipe: "This is an old standard and bears the reputation of killing fish on those occasions when pools have been over-thrashed with ordinary patterns." Clearly he was a bit.... imaginative....in the powers he ascribed to some of his flies, but it is hard to deny the importance of his contributions to the classics!
  17. The Ghost, from Kelson's the Salmon Fly, on one of my 2/0 reworked hooks. Kelson's description of this pattern caught my eye, and I happened to have some shoveler duck on hand that could stretch for the 2/0 wing length. Certainly an interesting pattern! As always, critique/commentary is welcome and appreciated!
  18. Thank you Bruce! Thank you very much!!
  19. Obi Wan has taught me well! 😂
  20. 2/0 Fra Diavolo Have yet to finish varnishing the head but figured I would take some pictures waiting for wax to harden. Referenced a picture I found of Dave Carne 's dressing for this one. I feel that the throat is a bit long and the wing a bit short...and I have resisted the urge to put a herl head on it. 😂 As always, critiques/commentary are appreciated!
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