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  1. 1 hour ago, WWKimba said:

    The Mrs. Simpson was developed on the North island of New Zealand and was part of a "series"/style of tying called the Killer style of fly.  It was so enticing to the fish that it was named the Mrs. Simpson - for Wallis Simpson, the twice divorced woman that caused King Edward VIII to abdicate his throne because of his love for her.

    If you like the Killer style check this site out - Feathered Lures (fishingmag.co.nz).   We call feathered lures streamers.  If you look near the upper right hand side you can click on dries, nymphs, and wet flies for those patterns as well - many are effective patterns for US waters as well.

    Hope this helps.


    BTW, here's a very nice tying video for the Mrs. Simpson (and basically all Killer-style flies) - The Mrs Simpson, An Adventures In Fly Tying Video From Fly Fish Ohio

    Thank you very much @WWKimba for the explanation and links. I will 100% give it a go and give it a throw when I am next out in the water. 

  2. Thank you all for the suggestions. I have never seen nor heard tell of a mrs simpson or caddis emerger. I will give them a try!

    I thought they may be too stiff/similar to cock hackle with not enough movement to be used as substitute soft hackle, but I will also give that a try. 

    Apologies, what i meant by uk patterns was along the lines of bumbles, dabblers, mayflies sedges etc. I have seen some patterns used in USA and Canada but I am unsure how well they would work for wild fish in mountain lakes here in ireland/Scotland. For example i have never seen anyone use a mrs simpson or even seen it in any tackle shops. Maybe I have les a sheltered life :)


    Thanks again I appreciate any the advice! 

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