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  1. Yeah bounce nymphing just doesn’t have the ring as drop shooting does. It’s all about catching the consumers ear. I may have to look that book up to add to the library.
  2. I found a video on YouTube about this topic that Kelly Gallup did. I too was frustrated with losing nymphs and fish. Kelly suggests a drop shot method. That way only your shot gets lost on snags and not your lucky nymph. I started using this and keeping a tight line and what a game changer. Occasionally I will use an Airlock indicator just to help get the drift in those undercut shorelines.
  3. Grew up here except for my short stay in Western Nc. That’s where I really got into trout on the fly. I always loved fly fishing but, it was always for smallmouth bass in my local river growing up. Now, trout on the fly year around is my choice. The different small creeks and scenery. Amazing what you see and hear when you slow down and fish the small stuff.
  4. It was one of those days the trout were hitting everything except dry flies. This is what I call the upper end. The whole creek for about a mile is like this. The lower end is full of man made plunge pools and shallow gravel runs.
  5. What a day this was. 30 wild browns in the net. But the part was just being out there.
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