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  1. Thanks guys for the words and knowledge, really couldn’t have done it without all you.
  2. Okay guys I just got done making some here is how it came out. The bottom black and pink was my very first fly. The middle and top are my second and third flies. Thanks for all the info guys!
  3. Thanks I just got done making a similar one. I'll keep you guys updated thanks again.
  4. So could this be used to glue? Or could I use super glue?
  5. Oh I see thanks for the info, I just jumped into it and the process so far has been going good. Thanks again explains the process very well.
  6. Also will this dubing work for nymphs? Should I go with Hairline dubing?
  7. Hey guys, is this the wrong head cement? What is the difference?
  8. Ah okay thanks, now looking at it I do believe there is no wire under it. Quick question then how would one glue the feather onto the hook? Will supper glue work?
  9. Also what gage lead wire should I use for a size 12 or 10 hook?
  10. Oh just new to fly tying. I enjoy trying Nymphs and I think I'll start with that and then work onwards.
  11. Okay thanks guys for your inputs. I'll try and figure it out lol. Any advice for someone new looking to tie Nymphs? Would love some materials to consider for someone completely new.
  12. Sorry I found this on the ground so I know nothing about this lol.
  13. Hello I am completely new to fly tying and the only thing I know is that this is a Nymph. Could you guys help Identify what size hook this is and what your best guess on the weight of the ball is? Looking to get into fly tying but I know nothing. Thanks!
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