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  1. Had some artistic help tonight! Cork popper painting.
  2. Gillage - appreciate that sir! I did a quick google search and obviously it was too quick!
  3. Thanks all! Be putting some of them to the test tomorrow. Post results, shall I be successful
  4. The pirate ship was a “ship show” for me. Apparently I mid red the instructions- though they’re extremely simple…. I’d mailed the package to myself. We use a local post office in our small town, which seems to be a day or two behind larger city offices. 4 days later I had mail for me, says my 8 years old son walking through the door. He said, Dad, looks like one of the fly things again”. Needless to say, that’s when I realized it was sent and received by the same person.
  5. I appreciate the website you’ve created. I give you thanks as well as props for doing so. Good on ya! edited to remove the negative comment I previously had thanks to poopdeck for opening my eyes to asking for feedback can be positive criticism too my apologies
  6. I also use the plastic storage boxes for most of my stuff, but also utilize peg board for my most commonly used materials. The items on the board can be changed as needed with tying themes or seasons.
  7. Nice set of flies dropped off by the mail lady today. Thanks all!
  8. Wow! Hell of a start to the trip!
  9. I owe an apology to all in this swap. I slept on this one - had the flies tied on May 8th and last night sat down to tie a couple bass poppers and noticed they're sitting on the corner of my table. They'll be dropped off at the post office today. Sorry I'm late. -Blaine
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