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  1. I’d be thrilled to join! Small/large mouth bass. I’ll be category #2.
  2. Pretty sure I know where this one is headed. Not to me, but a guy that I work with. Can’t wait to see it in person.
  3. Ditto! I found another site- didn’t like what I was reading! This is home to me
  4. Squeezy

    Cutt & Dry

    Cool write up. Thanks for sharing! Sure looked like a fun adventure!
  5. Switched again haha. Going with the Nebraska Cornhuskers for tribute to living in Lincoln as a kid. Need to tie a few more as some are a little “off” as my 8year old pointed out.
  6. Those sure look dangerous! Going to have to tie some of those up!
  7. May have to pick one of these up.
  8. and.... now I'm hungry; dang that looks great and I'm not a McDonalds type of guy
  9. Really like those streamers Denduke! Look killer for smallies!
  10. I enjoyed the materials I’ve gotten from Fly Tyers Dungeon this far (minus the legs- I ordered too small). I also enjoy creating foam bugs/hoppers using 2mm thick foam from hobby lobby. For $1 you get a large sheet. Plenty of instructional videos to get the creativity flowing. I’ve yet to order any tying products from Amazon.
  11. Wowzers- way to set the bar (too high!!!). Beautiful fly!
  12. Agree with Niveker- nice flies. Hope you are well soon.
  13. I'll join! Go Huskers! or maybe Spartans... haven't decided yet. edit- Going with Michigan State Spartans. I’ll be tying a Hopper
  14. Partridge, if you're talking about being on your phone and not able to use the forward/back - I found that on my phone if I click the fwd/back button and hold down on it; it will bring up a link and I can click that link and it'll go to the next page. Maybe it'll work on your type of phone too?
  15. Snail mail for sure! Better late than never for a nice looking fly!
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