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  1. I’m quickly becoming an anti-hackle guy. Just seems to get in the way and makes me frustrated.
  2. My elk hair caddis. Gunnison River #8 hook, Blended Muskrat Dubbing body in Bleached Ginger, Brown Saddle Hackle with gold wire, Cabelas light Bull elk hair crowded the head, but imperfect is what it is Next Fly: Rock Worm .
  3. Echoing what has been said! Happy Thanksgiving. A special shout out to Mr. Kemler!
  4. Made me think of a morning up North (Michigan) at our hunting cabin. You'd naturally wake to stoke the fire, being that was the only form of heat for the place. We too would keep a pot of water boiling. One night I was on duty and kept the fire cranking, but neglected to fill the pot of water. Woke with a leather tongue at one point and stumbled over to the sink to fill a large cup of water for the pot. Sounded like a car crash when I poured that water into the empty scolding pot - pretty sure I had to change my jammies after that one.
  5. Welcome from one new guy to another Charlie. I've found myself waking up and checking here to see if anything new had been posted - it's my "social-media" you could say. Your flies look great! Looking forward to seeing more!
  6. @zoran - Very nice looking tie there!
  7. There we go! Looking forward to seeing the tie!
  8. Knew I should have named something different!
  9. Lots of great looking boxes! Thanks for a preview- just like my kids now- “haw many days until Christmas “???
  10. Whew! This is on fire man- really like that!!!
  11. Thank you gentlemen. I really liked tying that fly. I’m assuming I could up the hook and go to 3mm or glue 2ea 2mm sheets and make a larger version for bass.
  12. Well no luck in the timber- saw a lone yearling and a doe with her 2 closely following. Sure was frigid this evening. Here is my Charlie Boy Hopper. Also tied one in a dark brown with yellow legs and bleached deer hair. The next fly is: Mop Fly
  13. Testing my skills. Headed out to chase timber goats this afternoon and figured I’ll be up and wanting to tie after freezing in the timber, plus I’ve wanted to give more foam a shot. Good chance I’ll brutally screw it up, but one has to try right?
  14. I’ll take the Charlie Boy Hopper.
  15. I have no input, but wanted to thank you for the chuckle I just had with "Comes from a unicorn".
  16. This thread is going to make me bring in a vise and materials to work...
  17. Sounds fun to me- only limitation would be if substitutes are allowed (color too)
  18. Very true! I’ve got a feeling that tying will get me through a few of the those “too nasty out to do anything” days.
  19. Muskrat dubbing with an India hen hackle. Little bit goes a long way I found!
  20. Thinking spring bluegills - and it has not even snowed yet. Gonna be a looong winter
  21. Got my batch as well. Thanks for all the additional flies everyone- fun swap!
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