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  1. Wow Spanky, it looks like your swap went great. I sent you a PM. Hopefully I can get back in the swap game soon. Big Todd
  2. Jereme, Have you gotten the box yet??? :dunno:
  3. Jereme I will be mailing the box on Wednesday May 9. Sorry it took so long. I got swamped at work again. I added my stuff to the box and it is taped up and ready to go back out. :yahoo:
  4. Swap box has arrived. :yahoo: It is much bigger than I thought. I will try to send it to Jereme on Friday. I hope someone enjoys my additions to the box. Everyone have fun!
  5. Got your PM. Looking forward to checking out the swap box.
  6. Flies in hand. Sorry about the toe tags. :wallbash: Thanks everyone and of course Stony for hosting.
  7. No sign of the box yet. Any updates? :dunno: :dunno:
  8. Flies in hand. Awesome swap as usual!! :headbang:
  9. thanks Robert and everyone else for being patient while I was working my tail off. Enjoy these nice flies. :headbang:
  10. FC I hate being late for swaps that's why I sent them express. I don't mind waiting for john's flies to arrive. And again I apologize for waiting till the last minute. Thanks for noticing the effort though!!
  11. FC if you don't mind hanging on to it you can send John K one of my beadhead buggers even if his do not arrive by the time you mail out the other flies.
  12. FC you should have mine today. Sorry to hold up the swap. Check your PM's. Thanks Big Todd. PS, John K, The post office here is just a bit confused about those coupons. I don't think they see many. But the flies I sent off for you in the may fly swap were shipped without incident. Only one time did they try to refuse to take them. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she took care of it instantly and that Canadian swapper got his flies via air mail quite quickly. You tie awesome flies, :headbang: don't stop swapping because the postal employees are ill informed. If you do we will miss out on some really good flies from Norway. :thumbup: Just my two cents worth, BIG TODD
  13. Stony I expressed them and they guaranteed by today. By the way they are not matukas. I went with a different streamer. Definately not a bugger though. Sorry to delay the swap. Big Todd
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