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  1. Grog

    C&F vise

    Thanks xpat. I’ve had similar reactions on other forums when all I wanted was answers/insights/experiences from other users. Like April once said, “cut away the fluff; don’t need or want it” (Vokey). Tying flies for 35+ years (ultra realistic to impressionistic). Know what I want. It’s the overall experience from purchasing the tying materials, tying whatever I come up with to not just catching a lot of fish, but now targeting that one riser on the far bank with the fewest presentations and false casts, and when it gets put down, knowing to move on to the next. I have the utmost pleasure of teaching my son to not only be an accomplished tyer and great caster, but also how to observe and fish. Now we get to the stream and we watch and talk for a half hour, observing what we’re seeing, then fish. Teaching is patience and patient observation is learning. Everyone grows in this sport as I have, as well, and part of that is tying on a good vise. Needed? No, but….
  2. Hello. Anyone have/tied on one of these vises? Most vises have some good features but not everything I’m looking for, maybe except this one.
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