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  1. I'm not sure if I missed this answer in the previous commentary. You appear to have a Renzetti Presentation 2000 with a C-Clamp (vs pedestal). It is a great vise IMO because it has an adjustable hinge stem! You can indeed adjust it for rotation in both directions. https://www.renzetti.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/P-2004-Customer-Instructions.pdf "To lock the crank arm for rotation in both directions, tighten the endcap against the crank arm. For counter clockwise rotation: loosen endcap screw, remove endcap , crank arm and spring, replace crank arm with clutch teeth facing primary knob. Replace spring and endcap. Hold endcap and tighten endcap against crank arm. Back off 3/4 of a turn. Hold in place and tighten endcap screw." Regards,
  2. Perhaps Horrocks-Ibbotson? . . . or was that the old Sears bamboo? I have an old H-I that I refinished years ago (which turned out to be much more work that I bargained for!). I have a lot of respect for the guys that have the skill and patience to build or even refinish these old rods. They surely are a joy to use in the right environment! Regards,
  3. The $15k seller has "more reasonable" competition, but still crazy! . . . https://www.barder-rod.co.uk/product/law-fly-tying-vice-made-by-lawrence-waldron-in-2008/ The world of vintage and unusual/rare vises has gotten interesting. Check this one on an Orvis vise - bids are going quite high, and still 5 days to go . . . https://www.ebay.com/itm/335088308836 Regards,
  4. Concur, I'm hoping that one or more of my grandchildren will be interested in flyfishing - they're too young for me to tell right now. My son is sort of lukewarm about flyfishing and fly tying. As it was pointed out, there's really nothing we can do about it after we're gone . . . Regards,
  5. It appears that one of our peers is no longer tying flies, perhaps either because of illness or passing. This eBay posting gave me a lousy feeling in my gut. It's a shame there was no family member or friend to carry on the tradition. I hope that he (or she) had a long enjoyable life using these materials, and is at peace wherever they are. Regards, https://www.ebay.com/itm/375004920245?mkevt=1&mkpid=2&emsid=e112362.m1951.l3160&mkcid=8&bu=44054986107&osub=0e2b4b0eb08f2b525153015cc20c4834%7ETE10001_T_NORMAL_CT1%7E10001&segname=TE10001_T_NORMAL_CT1&crd=20231026090000&ch=osgood
  6. I too have a "collection" - just for fun - some of the old ones are a hoot. Some barely hold a hook and some do a pretty good job even in their simplicity. I have a old Dyna-King "rotary" that I understand is pretty rare (probably because it wasn't a true in-line rotary, and not made for very long), and a very old Thompson with a huge red screw knob. This latest Swiss Petitjean is by far the fanciest one I have ever bought, especially with all the attachments. In the non-rotary category, it's hard to beat a Dyna-King, HMH, or Regal. For many years while guiding, my Dyna-King Professional with the extra Midge jaws did everything I could ask, and did it extremely well. I'm not yet sure how the latest business acquisition will affect Dyna-King. Ron Abby was a class act! https://www.flyfusionmag.com/dyna-king-acquired/ Regards,
  7. That actually, without seeing details, looks to be a fairly good quality vise for the money, bronze base, etc . . . and made in the USA! Regards,
  8. Beautiful rod Gene! It is always interesting to me when what was old is new again. Over the past few years there has been a significant resurgence in fiberglass fly rod popularity, and now you can buy one from around $80 at Cabelas, to $800 for a Scott, and probably even more for a classy custom build like Gene's. I have an Orvis 7'6" 3 wt for beaver ponds and tight quarters on little willow-choked creeks. And somewhere in the basement is an old white Shakespeare Wonderod that I've had for many years - it harassed many a bluegill in my previous life in Florida over 40 years ago. Regards,
  9. Keep in mind that even those relatively expensive materials usually tie many-many flies. I also concur with the advice not to over-think it. Just blunder in, relax, try things, and have fun! 🤪 It also helps to tie several flies of the same pattern and size consecutively - it will help you practice consistency, dubbing, head space, thread flattening, proportions, bulkiness (most beginners over-dress their flies using too much material), . . . etc. Good simple ones include: pheasant tail nymph, hares ear, RS-2, WD-40, midge pupa like Brassy, Miracle Midge, Black Beauty, and Zebra Midge . . . there are a bazillion YouTube videos to watch. My (biased) favorites include: Charlie Craven: https://www.youtube.com/@CharliesFlyBox AvidMax: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR4SExPuVZNHiWzoRFXYPgAhdWwEnlobZ Anglers All: https://www.youtube.com/@AnglersAll/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0 Regards,
  10. Welcome tagsoup! This is a great forum for both learning and sharing. There are many thoughtful and knowledgeable folks here. Regards, p.s. I have been left with "tagsoup" many years, but the outdoor experience always triumphed over the lack of so-called "success" . . .
  11. Well, it took forever, but I finally bought my vise - Marc Petitjean Swiss-Vise Master. I took a long while to find one in stock in the US (without paying excessive VAT and customs fees from Switzerland), and even longer to wait for a sale price. I received it yesterday and will set it up along with the Bobbin Rest, Tool Rack, and Profile Plate accessories. Out of the package it appears to be a very well-made tool and very nicely machined stainless steel and aluminum construction. It had many features that I liked, including two ways to adjust the jaw alignment, fine jaws for smaller flies with a clever hook capture/release function, and conversion between pedestal and C-clamp. If you're interested I've included the demo video below . . . Thanks again to all those who engaged in the dialogue along the way - it was both informative and entertaining! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9WskBbooaU Regards,
  12. Perhaps a (poor) Jungle Cock substitute? . . . 🤪 But the fine for killing one might be quite high!
  13. Charlie's Fly Box (Charlie Craven) . . . Top choice! Fly Fish Food AvidMax Hopper Juan Ramirez Anglers All Davie McPhail (tough to understand, and closed captioning yields some hilarious translations!) Lindsay Simpson (another Scotsman who is a little difficult to understand) Makflies East Rosebud Fly & Tackle TheSlideinn (Kelly Galloup) . . . I just wish he wasn't so long-winded - needs to abbreviate. BCFlyguys
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