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  1. Great job! I love poppers!
  2. One of my favorite flies is a slider I make by sanding a cork to a point and mounting a prop in the front. Makes a racket and the fish love it.
  3. Put on your polarized glasses cause I am HANDSOME!!
  4. I just bought some of this stuff, now I got something to tie with it. Thanks.
  5. Pretty much any kind of slider for Lg Mouth and minnow imitations for Sm Mouth.
  6. Great fly! Any chance of getting a step by step?
  7. Great work!!! I wish I had those type of skills.
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys. To answer the hook set question, I really believe that the problem is with the single weed guard I was using. A good example is a diver I tied. The head was cork and the body was all rubber legs. I missed two fish and we were thinking that maybe it was the weed guard so I cut it off. Next bite, I caught the fish. I changed to the double weed guard for the same reason that Mark said in the video. I figured the guards would spread. I do, however, like the way he put them on compared to the way I do it. I tie two separate pieces on but don't cross them which I'm gonna try.
  9. I tie a lot of poppers for bass and the problem that I am having is that I have yet to catch a Bass on a fly with a weed guard. I usually use a strand of 30lb test which holds up well but I thought that maybe it was too stiff. I then used 15 lb test but it wasn't stiff enough and was hooking the lily pads and anything with a branch. I then began using two 15lb monos on them on either side of the hook. It makes it through the weeds ok but I have yet to get a bite on it. Here's where I'm at now. I bought these from the great J. Stockard: I've seen these used before but can't remember how they were attached and I can't figure it out. Does anyone have any experience using these? Also, any other suggestions for weed guards would be great!
  10. I love it! How bout a step by step? I don't have the patience to figure it out.
  11. Very nice, I gotta tie some of those.
  12. Impressive work and great name!
  13. I voted for largemouth since down here in S. Jersey that's what we fish for the most (I'm the only fly fisherman though). Second for me was bluegills. They are a blast on a lightweight.
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