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  1. Great site Will!! The only thing I could think of whilst reading all of the posts was maybe a history of all of BeaverFSU's Avatars????!!!!?!?!?!? Keep up the good work!
  2. :headbang: Can't wait till they get here!!!
  3. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. What I found that works(time wise), after whip finishing, put the fly down and finish the dozen or so that you are tying, then put your cement on when they are all finished. :dunno: just my thoughts... bob
  4. sent it out yesterday...the post office people here are a little off as well Anyhow she said the postage was more shipping from Canada. Cost me .90 cent...I put a few bucks in there...hopefully that will cover those quarters!! HAHAHAH j/k
  5. Awesome advise so far!! The only thing I would add are HOOKS..HOOKS...and MORE HOOKS!!! I've found that this is my biggest hang up since I don't have a fly shop local to run and get what I need... That is a GREAT kit btw...my dad got me the starter about 2 years ago!! After about 3-4months later I upgraded my vise to a Dan-vise!! Oh one more thing....join a swap! muhauahahahahahahahahha....that will get you going as well :yahoo: :yahoo: If you want...pm me your address and I'll send you some turkey feathers if you don't have any....I have an overabundance!!
  6. mitch821

    Rod care

    LOL....Mine usually falls in the river, so really no need to wash, just wipe off!! LOL
  7. :headbang: J Stockard :headbang:
  8. Mysis shrimp...Steelhead Im sure you could use it on other things as well
  9. :hyst: :hyst: oh wait...I guess that is my family too
  10. mitch821


    you probably shouldn't fish for the rest of the year...so I'll just PM you my address and you can send me all your fishin gear....uhm...keep your vise and continue to tie, but just send the completed flies to me haha Hope you get better soon! bob
  11. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Got mine today!!! AWESOME TIES EVERYONE!!!! THANKS FOR HOSTING C J!!!!!!
  12. Im in...just got my Altoids can from my last swap today!! not sure yet what I'll be tying. Gimme a couple days...er maybe if I have time tonight i'll repost!! btw i'm great lakes region as well
  13. Here moosey moosey moosey...c'mere boy...lol
  14. :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: It would have been well worth it to hijack the thread for that story!! LOL too funny
  15. mitch821


    Thought I was going to get a write up for it...my boss was half asleep when I called him. Did quite a bit of damage...grill busted to pieces, radiator bent in, bumper banged up, headlight/turn signal popped out/broke!!! Not going to be cheap for sure! Blood from the hood to my windshield..I woulda snagged the deer but didn't think my boss would appreciate the mess in the back of the van!! hahaha I called the ins company and she asked if I was alright...I said ya-er no my back hurts I think 6months off with pay should do it! lol...she just laughed at me
  16. mitch821


    Company Van + 50mph+Deer= Dead deer And this happened about an hour and a half ago....not too happy right now
  17. what area of the country are we tying for?
  18. I've done the same as Conehead...and yep sounds like the same deal.... $.50 wasted...shoulda spent the dollar and a quarter!!
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