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  1. Got my shirts last week! I'm Really pleased with them. Many Thanks SmallieHunter
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    Too bad the Canadian members do not show on the map, eh! There is good detail on the map within Canada, but no member flags. I assume that Zip codes are used to set the flags. Oh well. :dunno:
  3. I will buy 4 shirts. One of each in the following colors and sizes. one - Olive XL one - Charcoal XL one - Navy 3XL one - Maroon L FLYUSER
  4. Hi Olaf, This summers trip will be my first to Newfoundland (Labrador actually). We will have a Guide with the two of us full-time for the whole week. Needless to say the trip is costing us a few thousand! I got the recommended fly list from the Guide because I wanted to tie a bunch of our flies myself. I am sure we will end up buying some too, but tying the flies is part of the fun! :thumbsup: Jim
  5. I use the overhead room light which has two bulbs, a 100 Watt standing lamp beside the vise, a 100 Watt flood light directly above, and another 100 Watt flood light shining over my left shoulder. Needless to say I have no problem with shadows! The room does tend to heat up with all the those lights on. Flyuser
  6. Hi Olaf, I too am going to Newfoundland this summer to flyfish for Brook Trout. Here is a list of recommended flies I got from the Guide in Labrador. I am sure you will get numerous other suggestions. ***** Wet flies & Streamers - Muddler minnows (both standard and weighted); Clouser minnows in Foxee Redd and Chartreuse & White; olive woolhead sculpins; Woolly Buggers in black and olive; Egg sucking leech; Black leech; and Mickey Finn are good brookie patterns. For Northern pike, large red/white marabou and other gaudy flies attract strong strikes. Sizes in #4-8 are good in these patterns. Dry flies - Any of the Wulff patterns, Adams and Adams Irresistible, Black Gnat, Royal Coachman, bombers and orange bugs, Green Machine, mosquitos, stimulators in orange, yellow and olive, hair mice, Olch’s jointed lemmings, Humpys, caddis patterns, and dry stonefly are very effective. Sizes may vary from #8-16. Hatches are enormous at times and it pays to be prepared, so bring many of your own patterns along. Nymphs - Stoneflies and a variety of mayflies and caddis hatch regularly. Bead head nymphs in various colors, black and golden stonefly nymphs are effective. ***** Best of Luck Olaf. I hope you have an enjoyable trip. Will this be your first trip to Canada? Flyuser "A proud Canadian"
  7. I pick Tiemco first; Gamakatsu when I can find them; Mustad because there is a large selection in local fly shops. Flyuser
  8. Well Mark, I sincerely apologize for the inaccuracy. I most certainly am not going to argue with an Associate Professor of Chemistry about "known" versus "suspected" properties based on chemical structure. Speaking for myself: "suspected" based on similar chemical structure is good enough for me! I avoid inhaling organic solvents. Your point is well taken. Perhaps we have an Epidemiologist, or a Toxicologist who is a member of the Flytyingforum who can weigh-in with their scholarly opinion? :hyst: FLYUSER
  9. Just to be sure we all understand: Benzene is a known carcinogen Toluene is a known carcinogen <--- OOPS! I have been corrected! "suspected" not "known" Xylene(s) is (are) a known carcinogen <--- OOPS! I have been corrected! "suspected" not "known" ACETONE is a known carcinogen <--- OOPS! I have been corrected! "suspected" not "known" ALL these, and similar solvents, are organic compounds which are well known carcinogens. :shocking:<--- OOPS! "suspected" not "known" We should all use them in well ventilated areas. That is why it says so on the container! We REALLY NEED to pay attention to this and take action. Even setting up a fan to circulate the air more can help. "knowledge is power; protect your health" FLYUSER
  10. Al, I like the look of the Renegade! I did not know about this pattern. Tied three (two 14 one 16) dry versions tonight. Plan to tie a few more Dry's and and few Wets. It is a relatively easy pattern to tie! :thumbsup: FLYUSER P.S. Enjoyed your article too! :headbang:
  11. !! DYNA-KING !! I have the Supreme and LOVE IT!! :yahoo:
  12. My favourites: A. Dubbing of all types. B. Whiting 100's because before I started buying them picking out hackle the right size and length was a pain in the [email protected]#! Least favourites: A. Pheasant herl. I always seem to break it or loose grip on it and it unwhines. :crying: B. The MANY packages of flash (35) I bought on EBAY in a "lot" and can't think of what the hell I am going to do with it all! Flyuser
  13. I have only one and do not think I will get any more: The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference Everything else; specific patterns, etc. I have found by surfing the WWW. The videos listed here that you can down load are excellect. Much better than more books. Flyuser
  14. :headbang: Dyna-King Supreme!! :headbang: You will not regret it! Flyuser
  15. I bought a small camera that I would carry. Fits in an Altoid tin! :headbang: It does not have manual focus :crying: but it does have a reasonable auto focus MACRO setting. Pentax Optio s4 This could be a great excuse (I mean reason) to go buy a new camera!! :yahoo: Time to start saving! But there is sooooo much fly tying and fishing stuff I want too!! :crying: FLYUSER
  16. Paul, I like the light blue background. The expert lighting and super well focused parts help too. :thumbsup: What type of camera and lens are you using? FLYUSER
  17. Welcome Paul!! :headbang: I feel a great weight lifted from my shoulders! :cheers: FLYUSER
  18. Hi SmallieHunter You can have a bright background of any color you like. The picture I posted has a black background because I hung a black cotton sweater in the background. You do not see the detail of the sweater because close-up photos have a narrow depth-of-field (only the fly is in focus while the rest is blurry). If you want a bright white background you can place a piece of white paper behind the tube (but not right up close to it - you do not want to block the light from the mirrors at the back). I hope that is clear. It is a bit WORDY. FLYUSER
  19. UPDATE. I got am email from the guy who designed the Fly Picture Studio. His name is Paul. You can see his instructions etc. at http://homepage.mac.com/riverwader/tying/Personal24.html He recommended I make the plastic tube shorter and said that the mirrors do not need to be so large. He suggested about 1/3 the size. The fun continues!!! My holidays are set! Tie Fly; take picture; evaluate lighting; take picture; tie another; take picture; evaluate lighting; take picture; tie another; take picture; evaluate lighting; take picture; tie another; take picture; evaluate lighting; take picture; tie another; ... . :ban: FLYUSER
  20. :shocking: Flytire, WAY to complicated and EXPENSIVE for my tastes! :crying: I prefer the made-it-myself-and-it-is-so-cheap-and-simple-that-if-the-pictures-do-not turn-out-I-can-blame-the -equipment-method. :hyst: Besides, my camera is nothing special either!!! :crying: Mine was $5. How much did your SWEET system cost? FLYUSER
  21. Check out the home-made Fly Picture Studio I made based on a WWW-Site I found while looking for pictures of flies. http://homepage.mac.com/riverwader/tying/Personal24.html You adjust the mirrors to get good lighting and avoid glare etc. The fly is mounted inside the plastic tube. Hard to see the fly in the picture but I think the overall design of the Studio is clear. I just made the Studio today and it only cost me $5 at the dollar store. $4 for mirrors and $1 for the wire that holds the mirrors. The light diffusing shroud is made from a windsheild washer bottle. I mounted it on an old folding stool. Here is a photo I took with my small snap-shot digital camera. This is an Elk Hair Caddis I just tied for my trip to Labrador to fish for Brook Trout next summer. FLYUSER
  22. Well, I have got my DYNA-KING SUPREME and LOVE IT!!! :yahoo: Now I am moving on to setting up a permanent Fly Tying station instead of getting out a bunch of boxes setting up and then having to put it all away again. Is there a thread on Fly Tying station/desks: recommendations? What NOT to do based on others experience etc.?? Perhaps I need to start a thread. Never done that, but I assume I can figure it out if need be. :help: UNSATWORK
  23. Hi glm38, I quoted BASSTURD about the HMH. I have never used one. BASSTURD's comment (that I quoted in my previous post) basically "scared me off" the HMH. I do not have any personal knowledge of the HMH at all. I picked the Dyna-King partially because there was one in the store I visited (and then ordered from) and I was happy with the workmanship. It also had very strong feedback on this thread. Just so I am clear. I have nothing against the HMH and I suspect I would have been just as happy with the HMH. FLYUSER
  24. Just ordered my Dyna-King Supreme! I get it next week. Can't wait!! FLYUSER
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