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  1. I would buy a Gander Mt. rod for $60.00 or so and buy a Teton Tioga on E-bay for $120.00 or so.
  2. JSG

    new waders

    I went back to the local Orvis shop today and ordered a pair of Silver Label Breathables for $150.00. They should be in next week thursday.
  3. My brother really likes his but I'll probably never know what it's like to own a $400 or $500 reel because if I had that kind money to spend I'd be going on a shopping trip to Mall of America or something.
  4. JSG

    new waders

    I stopped by the local Orvis shop today to look at at the silver label breathables that I thought were on sale for $150.00. But I guess some stores don't participate in the sales and some do. He did say in kind of a round about way that he would still give me the sale price so I'll probably stop by friday and pick up a pair. Otherwise I would get the Cabelas Premium Dry Plus waders. I think some of the only brands that have truly un-conditional lifetime warranties are Dan Bailey and LL Bean waders.
  5. JSG

    New guy

    That boat took alot longer than it should have. I started it in january of 2003 and got it done in july. An hour or two here and there is not an efficient way of getting it done and I don't think I ever spent more than a few hours in one shot working on it. But it's done now and I ended up building the trailer too. I started out thinking I would save alot of money but as the project went on I realized that I wasn't saving a ton of money but have a boat that I'll probably own for the rest of my life. I recently bought a digital camera so I'll get some pics up of it some time. I really lucked out and live on a nice smallmouth river so I get out more than I otherwise would. I wish I could get up north more and I'm sure I will when my boy grows up a little. His indoctrination into fishing has already begun but he's not ready for a 3 hr. float yet.
  6. I had an Okuma Integrity 8/9 that lasted literally 1 minute into the first salmon I hooked with it. The drag no longer worked so I returned it and bought a Tioga that I've had real good luck with. My go to Salmon reel is my Ross G-4. Ive had some problems with it but now I have a reliable backup. If I could afford it I would shell out the money and buy a Billy Pate with anti-reverse and throw my other two reels away. There's something to be said for buying a really good reel right away rather than a whole bunch of mediocre ones.
  7. JSG

    New guy

    Glad I found a new site that isn't so huge. I'm from west Michigan and live on the thornapple river in Alaska, MI. I do quite a bit of smallie fishing but really love to get up north to fish the PM or Big Manistee. I recently built a drift boat and enjoyed floating the Muskegon for Salmon in it for the first time last fall. I've got a 3 1/2 yr. old son and another boy due in early May. Needless to say this doesn't allow me a lot time to fish but I sneak out back a few times a week. Anyways I look forward to contributing when I can.
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