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  1. This is a little different than the typical beginner's question. About 5-6 years ago I stopped tying flies (combination of a lot of different reasons--not because I didn't love it). Now, my interest has returned and I am staring at my boxes of materials, books, patterns, tools etc. I remember what to do (pretty much) but I am trying to see if there is a book/video etc that you guys can recommend for someone who was once pretty advanced and needs a "refresher/inspiration"
  2. I am a recent begginer myself and these are the tips I can share: 1. Dont buy anything until you are clear on what you want or need. 2. Dont be embarassed to ask questions on this board and the flyanglersonline.com board. The people are extremely helpful and friendly and excellent tiers. 3. I learned from three books: Skip Morris's Fly TYing made clear and simple, The Benchside Introduction by Leeson and Al Campbell's lessons on flyanglersonline. You probably can choose either of the two books and campbell's lessons. Enjoy, just wait till you catch your first fish on a fly tied by yourself (happened to me this week :yahoo: )
  3. I would say 80% of my hooks are from both of those companies and I can recommend both especially if you are getting a good deal. Of course, I am assuming you are buying hooks in suitable types and sizes for tying.
  4. Nice Hackles and an absolutely great guy to talk to. He loves helping out and talking to his customers.
  5. Hello all, In the last month or so I have started trying my hand at classic wet flies and streamers. I have been lurking on this particular board for a while, and have probably read through most of it during class Its a slow go, but I have finally made one or two that didn't immediately get the razor. Until now, I was kind of making do with what I have, since i wanted to hold off spending money on anything (ie...some dry fly hackle feathers, or wooly bugger hackle, and regular streamer hooks) till I got the hang of it. Now that I feel like I am ready to do it right I need some advice or help: 1. What materials do I need starting off, to tie the regular classic streamer and wet fly patters (yeah I know I am doing both at the same time) Hooks, feathers etc...? 2. Are there any books that people highly recommend for a begginner (till now I was living off of magazine and internet articles but nothing beats a good book) 3. Where are the best places to purchase each of these things (need to save some money for other important things, like fishing, rod building and maybe some food/lodging)... Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks again and I am looking forward to participating on this board...
  6. One second, is "rabbit dubbing" different than "hare's ear" dubbing... does that mean "rabbit dubbing" IS good for dries?!?!? Thanks as always!
  7. So I have been tying nymphs and streamers till now. I am ready to tie dries but am a bit confused on two points: What is the difference between the dubbing I have been using till now (Antron, hare's ear, rabbit) and what I need for dry flies? and where do I get dry fly dubbing? and two: What is the difference between hen hackle, rooster hackle, and necks and saddles and what do I need for dry flies.... THanks as always. Rawfish
  8. Wow! That is really nice! I have been tying for six months so I guess I am in.... I am learning dries now and my next was to try some salmon flies and some classic wets so this is perfect. Count me in please!
  9. Well I made my decision. I checked out the danvise again just to double check but I have big hands and it was too bulky. Once you add the extension arm and the pedestal you are way more expensive than the griffin. So I ultimately purchased the griffin I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help!!!
  10. So two questions based on what you guys are saying: Why would I care about whether it has a cam operation or not? And secon: is there a pedestal that fits the danvise? Thanks as always.
  11. Time for a new vise. :yahoo: My funding has limited me to under 80 dollars or less (lower the better). I was hoping for a true rotary vise. These seem to be my two final contenders. Any experience or advice between the two? http://flyfishtools.safeshopper.com/2/430.htm?643 http://flyfishtools.safeshopper.com/44/441.htm?643 Thanks!
  12. So does that mean nymphs are due January 1st? SWEET!
  13. I am deffinitely in!!! Great idea....
  14. Oh my goodness that is really expensive though that is EXACTLY what I would want. I am curious from those of us who are talented woodworkers...how hard is something like that to make yourself?
  15. As the title says, I tie on my dining room table. As you can imagine the wife likes that I clean up after every session, which necessitates filing all the different tools and material etc in all their various storage containers a laborious and annoying process. Anyone have any ideas of some type of small set up which coul hold my vise and tools and material that I need immediately that I could just whip out and tie with whenever I want. The Oasis desks arent good because the hold everything out in the open and I have nowhere to put them when I am done tying on the table I am sure someone has a great Idea. Thanks
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