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  1. My set of flies arrived Thursday. WOW!!! Great looking set of flies. I had about 45 minutes yesterday before some thunderstorms hit and was able to try out a few of these babies. Everyone I tied on produced. I had one absolutely come up and slam Jereme's Spider. Thanks to all who participated and a big thanks to BB for hosting.
  2. BB you knowI was just playing with ya anyway. Very nice set of flies, the local bluegills don't stand a chance. Thanks for hosting BB!!!!!
  3. I see that my Tusslebug was not good enough to make the picture...I understand.
  4. Mine are in the mail today. Thanks for hosting.
  5. The flies arrived yesterday. Nice ties everyone! Thanks for hosting Dustin.
  6. Got my flies today. Great job everyone. Thanks for hosting DaUP!
  7. Sweet! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to these flies and to some spring fishing.
  8. We are one week past the deadline, do you have an update? Looking forward for these flies! Thanks.
  9. Just got my flies. Nice ties everyone!!! Thanks for hosting Stony.
  10. I got a few of the TussleBug's tied up this weekend. I just stopped by BassPro to pick up some more materials. Here are a couple of pics of my contribution to this swap. These are size 12.
  11. That's great!! I really like the "Bass Iliminater". My girls (7 and 5) tied some more flies this weekend. My oldest is really getting the hang of it, especially the whip finisher. My youngest is not quite as interested as older sister but will occasionally ask to "do some hooks". Good stuff!!!
  12. Micah's and Sloane's flies are in today's mail.
  13. I received my flies today. Great ties everyone!!! Thanks for hosting BB.
  14. I think you should contact one of the Moderators (if you have not already). He completed the LMB swap flies on time, but he's been inactive on this swap thread for a while. He is hosting a swap on another board and has not posted on it for a while now too. I hope everything is OK. I think we should wrap this one up. Being late is one thing, being late with no communication is different. It's your call Stony.
  15. Thanks for getting me on the list BB. Put me down for a TussleBug.
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