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  1. Something I've always enjoyed for the past 40 years is the opening of New York's Trout Seaon on April 1st. Where will you be heading? Personally I head for Allegany State Park in the WNY region. Can be crowded at times but still I enjoy the scenery, and the thrill of catching those 8" stockies.

  2. I was at Cabelas site the other day and went to thier bargin cave and they had thier line of wader bags on sale. Specifically they had the roller wader bag reg 79.99 on sale for 9.99, I thought this was too good to be true but ordered one anyways. Well the next day I went back to the site and it was a misprint and was not on sale, but their bottom of the line one was on sale for 9.99. To my surprise Cabelas honered the mistake and sent me the wader bag anyways!!

  3. Breambuster you said you purchased from Amazon, I forgot to add that I purchase a lot of books both fly-tying and others from amazon. They have a great selection and the prices are very competitive. I shared a "amazon prime-membership" with with my son and all are books arrive in two days FREE SHIPPING regardless of the price, and for 1.99 to 3.99 (depending on the day of the week) we get overnight shipping on all our books/merchandise. Sorry I guess I'm pushing Amazon, but they have done right by me :)

  4. Hello everyone,

    Not sure if I posted this in the right spot, but I just booked a long weekend at the Beaverkill Campground (New York DEC campground) in the Catskills for May 2007. Not sure of the area and if anyone can give me some tips on the area and what too expect I would surely appreciate it. We will be there on Friday May 11th, 2007. I’m kind of excited being that the area is noted for being at least one of the “Fly-Fishing Capitals of the World”.

  5. Hello All..


    I just made reservations last night to take the wife to Glacier National Park next July. She mainly wants to do the site-seeing tours but I convinced her to let me fish for a few days. The area I want to fish is the Two Medicine Lakes area. Anyone have suggestions on what patterns I can tye up this winter to use on the trout in that area? Thanks to all who can help.

  6. If you go to Ebays advanced search you have the option of doing a search for "completed auctions only", this would give you an idea of what is selling, for how much and how many sold. I have been bitten in the past by the ebay bug and have gotten some great deals (from the stand point of a buyer not a seller) and have received some pretty crappy stuff too.


  7. I live in Western NY where I can fish the Great Lakes tributaries Steelhead Runs, personally I fish the Cattaraugus through late fall, long after the fishing closes on the "inland" streams. My question is: does anyone still look forward to April 1st. opening day? Myself I still enjoy the excitement of catching those stockies, and you always have the chance of catching a "hold-over" from the year before. Any comments?

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