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  1. Ditto on the dog problem, I have a black lab the total chewed up 6 necks (I learned not to leave materials out of a drawer while I'm not around). The dog didn't eat them, just chewed them apart. I was amazed how many individual feathers there are on 6 necks! Was picking them up for weeks.
  2. I picked up my danvise through Hilltop Flytying supplies an ebay store. Currently they sell them for 65.50. Purchase quite a bit of stuff through them and never had a problem. I just saw a post here that smalliehunter had two for sale for 69.95 http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?sho...8596&hl=danvise
  3. I purchased a Danvise for 62.50 and I am very pleased with its performance.
  4. I have read that the correct way to anchor your hook in the vise is to have the point and barb exposed. But last night while reading an older fly tying book it stated the correct way is to have the point and barb of the hook in the jaws of the vise. Are both ways acceptable?
  5. I have ordered twice from these guys and can not say enough about them. On the last order I got some of their Mr. Peacock dubbing, it's great. If you don't know about them go to www.flytyersdungeon.com you won't be disappointed!!!
  6. Check this website... http://about-flyfishing.com/library/weekly/aa040611a.htm
  7. Nice job really looks great. Like the idea of using a cutting board for the base.
  8. My vest and chest pack have the following.... 1) streamers 2) nymphs 3) drys 4) wets 5) poppers and misc. I like to combine backpacking with fly fishing so then its just one, more a mater of reducing space/volume rather then a weight issue.
  9. This time of the year, a cup of cocoa, coffee keeps me up at night, Warmer weather, Ice water or caffeine free Pepsi.
  10. My better half keeps asking me what I what for Christmas, I would like a new vise. Anyone have suggestions for one in the $50 -$60 range?
  11. Dave, Very nice, I'm very impressed, a little envious but impressed. With all those materials have you ever had the problem that you lack all the materials needed to tie a specific pattern?
  12. Anyone have suggestions on a good spot for 'backwoods' brookies in the White Mountains area of NH. I'll be up there late next spring and looking for remote spots to fish while there, also suggestions of Local Fly Shops in the area. Just doing some homework in advance. Thanks.
  13. I've had it installed for 3 months now with out any problems, no spyware infected my system.
  14. The program was done with "Access" but does not need Access installed to run.
  15. has anyone else used this program? It's freeware, well actually "FlyWare". http://www.erobillard.com/SuperFly/
  16. Gas here in WNY is 2.19gal or 1.79gal on the local reservation. Cigarette there are 2.25 for a pack Newports or generic "Seneca Brand" for .95 per pack.
  17. A seagull, rocks, crayfish, tip from someone else's fishing pole, plenty of trees and one time while spin-fishing the lure I lost the day prior.
  18. In New York the fishing license is 19.00, all species.
  19. My bad habits in order... A- breaking the thread on the point of the hook B- lose track of time while tying and miss other commitments C- knocking over the bottle of head cement on my tying desk (3 TIMES!!!!)
  20. Restock those patterns I lost during the past year... Try and perfect/improve the patterns I tie now... and my goal... to tie a new pattern at least every other week.
  21. Anyone have a suggestion for an inexpensive pack rod, 7 1/2 - 8' 5wt rod? Thinking of taking a backpacking/fishing trip into the Adirondacks next year, looking for a light weight rod, but not with an action like a broom handle.
  22. Troutbum, Forgot to say in my last post... great deal on that desk! Especially being real wood and not mdf. Great find!!, now get yourself down and do some serious tying!
  23. Philski, Did I see pictures of your desk posted earlier on the newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.woodworking ? It looks familiar?
  24. Very close to a Wooly Bugger http://globalflyfisher.com/cgi/patterns/sh...?id=19&nolist=1 Mike
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