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  1. Unfortunately the closest shop to me is close to 45 miles away, but I have one of Western NY’s finest Steelhead River 45 yards out my backdoor.
  2. Steeldrifter, Just checked out Green Caddis Outfitters Site, your right very good prices, less then what I'm spending now, and THE FREE SHIPPING!!! Plus I agree with suporting this site. Thanks for the tip. Will should be getting my first order real soon.
  3. Hi, I'm just inquiring where do you purchase your tying supplies from. Personally I use www.hookhack.com, I'm pleased with their service and prices, but am open to anyone else’s suggestions.
  4. Thats what I'm afraid of.. packing to much. When I started laying stuff out, it seems that I may need to rent a small trailer to carry it all
  5. I'm in the planning stages of our summer vacation and wanted to put together a "portable fly tying kit" to take along. With out packing all my materials and tools (which would probably take up half the space of our Mini-Van) has anyone else but together a kit to take along and what suggestion do you have on what materials to take. I plan on fishing small streams and lakes for Rainbows, Browns, Brookies and Some Panfish. Thanks!
  6. Thanks to everyone who replied. You gave us many new patterns to try and should keep me busy for a while tying them up. Thanks again!
  7. Could you post that pattern for the "Carter's Dragon", I'm not familar with that pattern. Thanks.
  8. Hi, with the first day of spring arriving this morning (it missed us though, still had to get the snow shovel out this morning) I can wait to get the rod out for some bluegills. Looking for your suggestions on what your favorite bluegill pattern is.
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