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    Pike are a cold water species. Look no further than the good catches of pike through the ice every winter. The main factor involved with the temperature, is a fishes ability to digest food. The lower the temp, the harder it is to digest food, or more accurately, the slower the digestion. Not all fish are affected this way, however, and pike are truly in thier element when the water is cold. I live right beside one of the best bass lakes in Ontario, Lake Simcoe. There is a HUGE ice fishing contingent here, thousands of people every winter, with not a singel bass ever taken through the ice. Bass will associate themselves with a certain structure in the winter, usually weeds due to the increased O2 levels and security, and become virtually comatose during the frigid temps. Obviously this is an extreme case, compared to the lower lattitudes, but it does demonstrate thier overall response to temps in no uncertain terms. During the summer, as the water warms, largemouth are taken in the shallows of the lake and the associated tributaries, but smallies almost always remain in the main lake body, moving from the relative shallows right on out to chasing minnows over 100' of water. The colder water is not a hinderance, but instead an incentive for them to explore a more comfortable temp zone. Thier ability to adapt is what makes the fuel for debate, however, as they don't seem to stick to the rules. Relatively speaking, the smallie is a fish that wants to be a cold water fish, but seldom has the opportunity. Given the fact that it can deal with cool to warm water conditions, it does so to survive. It's not uncommon up here at all to have a deep, cold lake that supports a healthy population of both Lake trout and smallies. Thier preference for sandy, rocky structure makes life in deeper and colder water that much easier. $0.02 Walker
  2. I'm in. I live in Barrie. Let us know the address and due date. Any more specifics on what type if dry?
  3. I was in Elora on saturday, working. Really a nice little town. The bass fishing on simcoe is nothing short of awsome. I had my youngest boy out one day last summer and he caught 8 smallies in about an hour and half, all over 3 lbs, and the largest was easily 4.5lb. We weren't fly fishing at the time, but a fly rod and clousers minnow would have been sweet at the time! I usually go out with my float tube or canoe, when the weather permits. Simcoe is a HUGE lake, so caution is the name of the game. Maybe we'll line something up. What are you doing on opening day of trout season? Need I ask, LOL?
  4. I've had pretty good success casting up-current and stripping in a weighted bunny leech, egg sucking leech, muddler or tinsel fly. An erratic retireve, stripping faster than the flow, with your fly NEAR or ON the bottom will draw some heavy fish. The key is to not give the brown too much time to inspect the fly, they got to be big by knowing the difference. Try to play on thier instinct to persue a fleeing quarry.
  5. hey flyuser, welcome. I work about 20 minutes from the Belwood lake dam. Is that the one you're talking about? East of Fergus? It's an awsome stretch of C&R water for browns. If you're interested, drop me a line and we'll get out onto simcoe for some of the best smallie action in Ontario! The lower grand is pretty good for smallies too, and walleye, and pike, and.....................
  6. I also have a Renzetti Traveler and it hasn't given my a single problem in 10 years now. I have a Regal for handling larger hooks and it's another vice I can't say enough good things about. Listen to Trout Bum, he knows what he's talking about.
  7. Try a San Juan worm, they're easy to tie and will catch anything with fins.
  8. I hear that, waterflogger! I started going back to the Dan Gapen original muddler with only one bunch of deer hair serving for both wing and head. It gives a 'rougher' look, but the fly gets down in heavy water twice as fast, and stays there. Trimmed right, it has it's own rustic appeal.
  9. Thank you kindly OSD, I do believe I'll enjoy my stay here. Just the kind of forum I was looking for.
  10. Hello from Ontario folks. Mostly trout, bass and pike around here. Some really great rivers feeding the great lakes within a short drive of my house. First post, not much to report yet, snowing and blowing like mad here today, good day to work on those muddlers I've been putting off.
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