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  1. Damn, after reading some replies here I wonder if this board should be renamed peta.com. If I caught a fish like that and could afford to mount it you better believe that thing would be on my wall, which is where this fish will probably end up. A fine trophy it will make I am sure. I seriously wonder if anyone on this board has ever gotten blood on their hands.... be it from a fish, bird, or mammal. It must just sicken some of you to see all those mounts in cabelas.......
  2. johnnyquest

    The OC

    Its a teenage soap opera on Fox. Thursdays at 8, you get to see a bunch of beautiful rich, 18 year olds living in Southern California(Orange County hence O.C.) Tons of outrageous non believable drama.... but like I said it is great.
  3. johnnyquest

    The OC

    What a great show, Yeah I am an OC addict. I think I have seen every single episode. Im not as bad as a buddy of mine though that bought the 1st season. I will never do that, I have been known to borrow it though.
  4. Kinda along the same lines, funny story(not at the time though) My roomates dad, a mechanic was fixing my brakes. He got them done and was taking it for a test drive, I was headed to his house at the time. He calls me on my cell and says he screwed up... I figured he goofed something up. Well he goes on to tell me that he hit a parked car. He was doing about 30 and nailed it straight on. He had his seatbelt on, but since he was leaning towards the middle his head smacked my rearview and cracked my whole windshield. He sliced his head pretty good too. Lots of blood all over my car. Well, after dealing with insurance I come to find out that they are going to total my vehicle out. Thank god I had full coverage on it. They cut me a pretty good check and although I have not seen a penny from the my roomates dad w/ regards to the deductable it could have been a lot worse. Looking back now it is kind of funny, at the time though it sucked.
  5. Man, I really see how he earned his title. Hey Shoe, I think he needs a binkie...
  6. Ill be there for sure. Might even have to bring the flyrod.... with about 4 spinning rods, LOL As long as I have some advance notice it shouldn't be a problem getting the weekend off. I might even have to talk Ray into coming down, although the flyfishing thing may not suit him very much....LOL
  7. Mainly panfish and bass.... but that is because they are easier to catch on a fly than some of the colder water species. I have caught a few trout on a fly, but no big ones yet. Also plan on doing some steelhead fishing this spring with my flyrod. Mostly though, i am still a bait dunker.
  8. QUOTE (Shoe @ Mar 7 2005, 07:28 AM) So are you guys gonna pick a date? Doubtful, but if they do i will swing up on a Sunday for sure. I will probably be nearby anyway, as long as my car doesn't break again this year....LOL
  9. As much as sports are a positive influence in kids lives it can also be the worst. I picked up all my bad habits from guys i played ball with. Chewing, smoking w...., and beer. And college baseball, that is worse. Of the 24 guys on our team a few years back i would say that at least 15 would have failed a drug test, 18 chewed, and 22 or 23 drank hard on a regular basis. As much as sports are a good thing there is a flipside too. BTW, when i quit playing baseball i quit chewing. Then i started fishing and it became just a habit while i fished... now i fish so damn much that i am chewing all the time. But hey, i can quite at anytime
  10. Quest32a over there, Johnnyquest here. Oh yeah, I was around for a few of those Flies only debates and such.... Which i wont rehash here.
  11. I tend to say one of my buddies, of course once you start meeting a lot of people on a board you can call them a friend, asshole, or moron from the internet
  12. Yeah, i got mine earlier this summer. Quite fun, not only for fishing but also for Duck Hunting. I can carry 3 rods and my gun, and be very comfortable floating down a river. Really nice especially when you don't have a truck to tow a drifter... i can put my dryfly right on top of my car.
  13. Hey John, I have that same rod, it was a 2 piece and i had it built into a spinning rod. I think i had Msuiceman tie it up for me. I use it as a bobber rod primarily, w/ no weight and ultralight jigs. It can cast like a sob, loads weight no problem and great for nice soft lob casts too. Even though i use the rod for a different purpose it is still my favorite rod, before you do anything though send MSUICEMAN a pm.... he has a few websites that sell discontinued rods and blanks at greatly discounted prices. I know that is how i picked up my blank, and i know they sell rods too. I just can't remember the website name. I saved a few hundred dollars though buying everything online, it may be worth the effort for yah... Good luck, John (hopefully we can fish sometime this winter)
  14. Now this is coming from primarily a bait dunker, but i use creek chubs... big ones. Biggest brown i caught in Michigan all summer came on a 6-7 inch creek chub. I caught the same fish on consecutive casts. Measured a hair under 20 inches. Big fish eat little fish, and really big fish(ie 25 inch trout) eat bigger fish. If he attacked a 10 inch trout i would be tying some streamers at least 7 inches long. Or if all else fails throw on a big old rapala when the water is real high and kinda muddy. You will get him then.
  15. Hey Art new number.... for ya. 269-420-4845 I meant to callyou and give it to ya..... sorry it took me so long to reply, i hadn't seen this thread.
  16. QUOTE (Shoe @ Sep 22 2004, 02:01 PM) Not to worry, John He's gonna come back with all the stories about how the boats cut his line, sleeping in his truck freezing, ect... and that would be differnent than any other weekend how? Just kidding Danny... I am looking foward to this weekend regardless if you are there or not. And speaking of sissies Art said he is 25% for this weekend. He is the only guy i know that gives me percentages on whether he will show up or not, hopefully he does. BTW Dan, you getting any tail up there yet?
  17. QUOTE (stel @ Sep 22 2004, 02:14 AM) I will be heading to oscoda this weekend to fish off the pier heads. I guess good numbers of fish are over there so I am going to try my hand at some silver torpedoes before they head up river. I'll probably hit the PM sometime in october. Dude, you suck..... grow some balls and come down and have some fun. If it was a girl maybe i could understand but this is unacceptable.....
  18. Little change of plans, i will be up thursday night and staying until Sunday. I maybe fishing a whiter river to the South on Friday. Rob may even be joining me.... Broken Glasses is still up in the air as to whether or not he will show up, i will give him a ring tonite. You guys have to promise to play nice.... Saturday i am participating in the River Watch in the am below tippy, and may be doing some steelhead fishing on the lower river. Sunday i want to get the dryfly wet and do a float.
  19. Tent site for me and Steelyhead may be up with me for a day.
  20. QUOTE (Serial Fish Killer @ Sep 3 2004, 02:56 PM) Thanks John, we'll hook up one of these days. I'd be careful partying with these guys. They are professionals and it takes a lot out of you to drink them under the table. Speaking of that, i remember the first outing i ever attended i brought my roomate along who had never fished... just because i was a little nervous meeting guys from the internet named Kingfisher, Serial Fish Killer, and Shoeman. LOL, the first night there i tried to be a hardass and close the bar down and out drink the seasoned veterans. Big mistake, we went surf fishing the next day and i puked my ass off before we left the hotel..... i didn't tell anyone that day, i didn't want them to think i was a sissy. Good times
  21. QUOTE (kingfisher2 @ Aug 10 2004, 08:41 AM) Welcome Serial Fish Killer...maybe a bottle of wisers, a couple cuban cigars, and a bucket of worms is in order....hope this finds you well Clay. Shoot, if that is the case then i will offer to host the festivities at my house. Good to see that you are well Clay. One of these weekends we wil have to make it up north at the same time... it always seems that we miss each other by a week. Welcome Clay
  22. Put me down for a tent site Friday and Saturday night. Is Sunday night available also if i can get monday off of work? BTW, sucks you can't be there Ralf. Want to get together sometime before then and hook a few? I am free most Sundays, and will be up north most of the time.
  23. 25th sounds good. I will be there for sure. Probably be up late Friday night and leave Monday afternoon. I will have my Dryfly Boat with me.... I will be camping or crashing in a camper depending. One day i plan on going downriver for something more silver than kings. Will bring food and beer. See yall......
  24. Yo... Ill be up that direction both weekends. Don't really care who i fish with. I fish by myself all the time, company just makes it more fun. Screw the politics, I have had my fill. Once you firm up a date i will be there. It will be me and my Dryfly Boat.... i may even sleep in my car It will be good to see some old faces that i don't get a chance to see often enough. BTW, Chromium and Sippy it was nice seeing you guys at the roast.
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