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  1. So here's two more SBS instructions and one video. Hope you enjoy Foam pupa Popa Caddis variant Video: Extension bodied pupa Timo
  2. Hi all Here's my SBS instructions of very simple Chenille Pupa. I will release in two weeks two more SBS pics and one video of my pupa patterns so stay tuned Chenille Pupa SBS Best wishes Timo
  3. Hi Nymph skin larva - step by step instructions in my blog. Hope you enjoy Timo
  4. Hi The Baron Step-by-step Timo
  5. Hello from Northern Finland. I'm rather new to this forum and I just like to let you know about this blog I have been writing for a while now. Hope you check it out and find some interesting stuff about fly tying and other stuff there. Flies'n'tying Best regards Timo Tuuha
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