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  1. I release most, but must admit I keep a few each season... last count I kept 2 steelies (of 5) and 2 trout (of oh, about 60+ last season)... MMMMMMM trout....dangit now I have spring fever! 'Nix
  2. Hey man, Talk to steelheader69...he lives in WA. I will be moving there in June, but of course I won't know the waters yet. Check out the WA websites... (http://wdfw.wa.gov) there are some salmon runs on the Columbia mid-late summer, but June may be a bit early. There ARE some nice (by report) mountain lakes with kokanee (landlocked salmon), cuts, dollyvarden, golden, etc. There is also a website for this...let me look... I think I have it.. yep http://wdfw.wa.gov/outreachfishing/highlake . The pdf on this site has a nice listing of hike to lakes, drive in, etc. by county, as well as varieties of trout in each lake. Also, if you want to be on the sound (Puget) you can do some saltwater cutt's...they are gorgeous (I hear) and fun. Finally, there is a summer run of steelie (!!! YIPPEE!) as well as a winter run. Talk to Steelheader69... As you can see, I am salivating... only 5 more months.... then FF heaven...!!! 'Nix
  3. (Notice the drool hanging from my lower lip) I can't wait!!! See ya in a few months! 'Nix
  4. Hey Steelheader, Yeah, I am thinking trout fishing because that is what I am currently doing, but I would love to try fly fishing of almost any species (I like rivers better than open ocean though). I want to try for some cuttthroat trout, salmon, steelies (done bit of steelies in MI) and maybe some Dolly Varden..., oh and some of those monster rainbows and browns would be fine too! Heeheheheh. With the beautiful scenery out there, I figure even if I am a noob in the new species for awhile, it will be fun. 'Nix P.S. What legendary trout streams if I may ask (maybe PM me if you don't want to start a "Fish" rush for them Just wondering so I could look them up...
  5. Thanks guys! Time to head to the library I see! Ahh 7 months until bliss! 'Nix
  6. Hahhaha true true true Troutbum.... After I started fly fishing, my wife was glad I was spending less time playing stupid computer games....little did she know I was just trading one addiction for another...oh well Anyways, Kona, where are you home waters? Hawaii (the kona thing...that or you are a coffee addict and from Seattle ) 'Nix P.S. Ask lots of questions and join in the fun....
  7. Hey Guys (and Gals), I am looking for a good book on fly fishing salmon... I have read (in parts) River Salmon Fishing, but I am looking for a book more focused on fly fishing salmon, their habits, flies, etc. Anyone know of any good reads? Just wondering... Oh and I am focusing on Pacific Salmon since I will be moving up that way Thanks! 'Nix
  8. Hey Steelheader, I will actually be moving to Tacoma. I will probably be living in the north end area, since it is easier for me to be close to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital (where I will be working) that way... I just got a book on fishing the Pacific NW and I am drooling to try the Yakima, Deschutes, etc. 'Nix P.S. OSD, yeah I will send pic's... and eventually in a few years.... maybe Steelheader and I can host a roadtrip
  9. Hey Buds, The job search is over and as I am busy signing contracts/negotiating, I figured I'd better start looking for fishing buddies... any of you out near the Tacoma area (or Seattle...that is only a bit north!) I am looking forward to hitting some salmon, steelies and maybe some cuttthroat trout in the area. Let's hear it from the Pacific Northwesters! I will be moving out in May/June. Shout out, men! 'Nix
  10. Yah, I have to say, a great year for deals on blanks and such... I got a whole Damon Rod Kit (Ausable - sells for ~$200) for like $65 on Ebay... this guy sells GREAT stuff, is great to deal with (they forgot to send me guides so he sent me TiCH guides instead for FREE!!!) and a great product, from what I hear, building the rod now...have one month until a trip to Puget Sound...I'd better get crackin!!! 'Nix
  11. Very cool Carl...very cool...I am so intrigued...time to go to the library and get some bamboo rodmaking reading... 'Nix
  12. Nice, job man. Yeah, getting the wraps perfect is tough... I look forward to critiques on my rod as well...my power dryer is in the mail from eBay !!! Oh those reel seats are SWEET! 'Nix
  13. Welcome, Glad to hear about good FF'ing in the Midwest since I hail from there and plan to move back in a year. Have fun on the boards! 'Nix
  14. Yuppers... amber it is...they rock ( I borrowed a buddies and WOW)... They are especially useful in lower light situations (sunrise or sunset). Good luck... I am looking for a pair for the Xmas list...so let me know what ya get. 'Nix
  15. Welcome, bud. I just started like 8 months ago and these guys have taught me a lot! Have fun... and tight lines! 'Nix
  16. Good luck man! Prayers and thoughts of all of us are with ya! 'Nix
  17. Philadelphia, PA here... born in Milwaukee, WI and raised in Green Bay (GO PACKERS!)... in 10 months I move to God knows where when I am done with medical training and have a REAL job 'Nix
  18. Hey Troutbum, How far is that from Raleigh/Durham.... I may be down that way for a job interview in October, perhaps I could pack the fly rod.... 'Nix
  19. Welcome and I hope you learn/teach us all a lot! Where in Ontario are ya? I am jealous... Pictures of those beautiful Canadian waters (and fish!!!) are always welcome. Although warning, if you include yourself and talk "smack" (a good thing around here!) you are liable to be in some photoshop wars... 'Nix
  20. Yeah, I concur with OSD, build your first rod with just a box or such and if you like it, both myself, OSD and one other... (sorry can't remember who ) have posted pictures/plans of jigs you can make. Mine cost, oh, approx $30 to make, maybe less, because I made it out of maple, etc. Out of pine it would cost less than $10. Good luck, and WARNING, DANGER WILL ROBBINSON DANGER... heheh this can be addicting.... 'Nix
  21. Cool beans! Count me in... Thanks for setting this up, man... 'Nix
  22. Hmmm dunno, but Janes Netcraft has nice titanium and TiCH ones with knurling. The titanium ones matched my struble nickle silver U-20 handle well. Only like $1.49 and they are REAL nice... Post if you find what you are looking for! 'Nix
  23. I just bought an Avaratec AMD Mobile version that runs very nicely for Word, Mail, Web surfing etc. If you want to do 3d games, etc.... not the machine for you. It weighs only 3 lbs, has a 2hr battery, DVD, 512k memory and 40GB harddrive, WiFi 801.11b/g, LAN, Modem all built in (no PC cards) for $900... I use it at work, in the lab, on the train, on my couch... Just my 2 cents...it does what I need...clocks around the same as a 1.4Ghz Mobile Pentium (Which clocks around 2Mhz for regular pentiums if I remember correctly...) Ciao. 'Nix
  24. ShadowNix


    Hey Guys and Gals, I read a recent article on FF'ing in Kayaks (Fly Rod and Reel or Fly Fishing...can't remember which....) and was wondering if any of you guys use them? What brand.. I am thinking of buying one in a few months and wanted to see what peeps use. Thanks. 'Nix
  25. LOL...yeah, well I figure I have to have a hobby for when I retire... in like 20 years... heheheh... Those 2 rods will probably take like 2 months for me to finish, with my job requiring 80+ hours a week right now. BUT, I have to get one done for a trip to Washington state in September... 'Nix
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