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  1. My girlfriend got me a mini chest pack last year for my birthday. I thought it was a little pricey for what it was, but after beating it up for a year the thing still looks brand new. Very happy with it, especially on days when I walk alot to find active fish. It is comfortable to wear and very durable. Five or six times this fall I got hooks snagged deep in the material of the pack. Grabbed my pliers and worked them out with no damage to the material.
  2. Bum knee...they could have put you in a wheelchair and rolled you up to the Manchester hole.
  3. Just got back from Erie after a two day trip. Conditions are tough to say the least -low and clear with lots of sunshine. Tough fishing for a fly rod newbie. I was suprised to see how many fish there were in Walnut and Elk. Seems to be good numbers for this time of the year. Saw some real bruisers in the deep pools today. If it rains Saturday, maybe the creeks will get a little color and the fish will cooperate. Got some good casting practice in though.
  4. I use both materials. For smaller eggs (size 16 or 18), I use the yarn. The erie steelhead just seem to dig the yarn eggs better in low and clear conditions. When the water is dirty, I will use bigger eggs (12 and 14) made out of the foam. The foam comes in some bright colors that are great for dirty water.
  5. Hello All, I really just started tying this year and wanted to know if anyone adds scent to their flies. Does it make a difference and what kind of scent do you use? I have read in a few places that people use scents (like anise oil) to mask the human scents on the flies and as an attractant. EGG!
  6. SD, Yep, that's me...you have a good memory....must have been all the Straub luvinbluegills - i'm sloppy joe from fisherie...we've crossed paths a few times on the Ohio and Allegheny River. Lookin forward to the steel with an improved arsenal. Besides the usual suspects (sucker spawn, crystal meth, glo bugs, half and halfs, scrambled eggs) , I've tied up some beadhead PT nymphs, some stones, some simple caddis patterns, san juans, and buggers. My buggers are still a little rough though. EGG!
  7. Hello from Pittsburgh...new member here. I am a new tyer, but an avid steelheader in the PA tribs. In my previous life I was a baitchucker, but learned the goodness of fly fishing for steelhead over the past 2 seasons. My name is egg because egg patterns are all I can effectively create at this point. Working on my nymphs and seem to be getting a little better. These cooler days in Western PA and rainy conditions have me dreaming of cold steel... EGG!
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