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  1. Fishy, I'd be happy to show you around the river, feel free to contact me via e-mail as I only occaisionally check this board. Would love to head to northern Ind for steel - been traveling to Erie but the long drive gets old. I live in the Fishers area - contact; riversedgedesign at insightbb dot com Oh & welcome to Indy, Kevin
  2. Geeez, meant to post in TFF, ....... typical. S.H. - you must understand, see I have this 'system', it keeps my boxes stocked without having to go to the trouble of actually tying the flies. Many of my fishing buds are new to smallmouth fishing, or steelhead for that matter, they come from a trout backround and are adept at tying all sorts of flies. Being the generous sort, I take them bass or steelhead fishing, show them how and where, & in return I am showered with an assortment of offerings - works for me. Last spring, I took a new aquaintance wiper fishing - a 6lb wiper literally yanked the rod from his hands, I grabbed it as it was disappearing from view - I now have a lifetime supply of shad patterns. So I guess what is holding me back is that .......... I'm not out of flies yet. I'll re-post intro on TFF as intended .
  3. Hi all, a re-into of sorts, registered @ FTF some time back but since my fly tying methodology doesn't actually include ...... tying flies, always felt like a third wheel. This board looks like fun. Mostly fish smallies on the central Indiana river I live on, but also travel to Erie, Montana & the Keys, chasing the usual suspects. Seldom need much of an excuse to drop everything, load up & go fishing. Looking forward to some lively conversation & hoping to learn a thing or two.
  4. SA - XPS WF is the best I've used to date, up line 1 size ( if you have a faster action rod ) & live happily everafter.
  5. Smallish tarpon in canals/ channels will take the traditional tarpon flies, they will also take clousers & glass minnow patterns. The time of day you try them can be critical to success - early & late are best, this is usually due to the fact that they don't like boat traffic. A crab pattern might be something they don't see often ? The good news is these fish will eat some time, the bad news is that "resident" tarpon that are fished often are indeed very wary, making the first few presentations most likely to connect, beyond that, those fish will have "seen your act" as it were ...... good luck ! BTW - it is not considered to be in bad form to freeline a live shrimp to 'em.
  6. SmallieHunter, I plan on being out on the river from friday on chasin brown fish - sure wish we had gotten a little rain though, gets the big ones moving. Don't let those cross-dressing trout guys get to you - we both know that if one were to tie a smallmouth and a trout tail-to-tail, the bass would pull that trout all the way to the state line and then try and swallow it ! Invite still stands ......... SOL
  7. I do remember reading something about "parachutes not included" when I booked the flight.
  8. Booked a flight to the Florida Keys for 5/4, the total cost was $299 RT, this is about what I've been paying for these flights for darn near 10 years! Not that I'm complaining, but, unlike the price of milk & eggs, (and gasoline) air travel costs seem to be in some unexplainable pricing 'time warp'. Anyone have any ideas as to how the air travel industry pulls this off ?
  9. Improved clinch for bigger / heavier stuff. STD clinch for dry's and tiny stuff.
  10. My method of combatting the ridiculous prices of the better factory made rods consists of one word - eBay. All the high end stuff at half price or better, works for me.
  11. Ted, I bought on of those Sage triangular cases that will hold 3 - 3pc rod tubes. Been traveling with it for 3 years or so, haven't had any problems yet. Best of luck ............ SOL
  12. Big Daddy, I would certainly be 'game' for a trip to B-ville, thanks for the invite. I don't know a lot about the smallmouth streams in S. Indiana, I usually fish the White, Tippecanoe, St joe, et al. in my 'devil boat', but I'd be more than willing to go stomp around in S. Indiana. BTW - is Hoggswaller, really the name of a town ?
  13. SmallieHunter, never tried the tailwaters, but I would welcome the opportunity. When do they stock the tailwaters? April, May? Having just recently registered, I've been looking around the site - quite a circus. The Erie report made me think I'd better do some rescheduling - gotta get up there before it's "over" till fall. If you ever want to try my home water, I'm easy to find & you won't have to wade or paddle.
  14. BF - 15 , usually I'm stomping 3 or 5wt lines in fresh water - 8 or 12 wt in salt. Managing line was/is way harder than learning to cast. Iv'e pretty much mastered stepping on the line at juuuuust the right moment to eliminate any chance of delivering the fly far enough / close enough / soft enough - now I'm working on shooting knotted flyline through the guides - I'll keep practicing till I get it right ! I've asked my wife never to serve spaggetti
  15. Hi, I'll add my .02 since my 3wt outfit(close) is my absolute favorite. As already mentioned, the SA XPS line is fantastic, best I've ever tossed. Don't be too disappointed the loop reel didn't happen, unless you are really into maintenance, mine is in the process of self-destructing due to grit/dirt getting between the EXTERNAL rollers and the tapered spool body - after living with it for 3+ years, I'd have trouble recomending that particular design(model 1.5). Kinda like certain females - sexy looking, great performance, high maintenance. ........... no, bad analogy - most Loop non-drag reels are totally silent. Anyway, enough rambling, check out the Waterworks purist 1 or 2 - lightest, simplest reel I've ever owned, a little expensive, but damn!
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