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  1. would like to here from any body that has this rod as i would like to purchase for long belly work in the pacific northwest as i have 2 other rods and this one would fill my spey addiction i think thank you for any help with this request can you through tips with this rod not to shure thanks again :help:
  2. thanks for the replies to my question your flies look killer will defentanly look at the bottom one for any steelheading in the lower mainland of vancouver :headbang: cheers
  3. looking for any help with stinger prawn and jumbo critter fly patterns look excellent for steelhead and springs origanated in alaska i think thanks :help:
  4. looking for help with any pattern colours for steelhead intruder flies any help would be excellent thanks new to these flies and tying them. :headbang:
  5. looking for a material for this pattern and help with this fly would be great looks killerfor the thompson thanks for all your help :yahoo:
  6. dave thanks for the information i will google that web site :headbang: thanks a gain will
  7. looking for any information for intruders for steelhead in pacific northwest colour and size would greatly help out new to tying these very effective flies and help would be greatly appricated :help: :wallbash: thanks a gain :dunno:
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