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  1. daiichi 1273 are red hooks daiichi 1270 are not
  2. looks to be the same as daiichi 1730 as previously mentioned
  3. try a church window feather hornberg and just substitute the feathers
  4. Looks like theyd be good for soft hackles, small winged wet flies, nymph tails, nymph legs etc
  5. Purple Spackle Category - Steelhead Hook - Up eye salmon style Thread - Black Tail - Pearl krystal flash Body - Purple chenille Rib - Embossed gold tinsel Wing - Pearl krystal flash Collar - Purple hackle
  6. i received a really nice set of streamers from really good tyers 👍👍 thanks to all who participated and to the swapmeister 👍 maybe this type of swap can be done again
  7. i use hen hackle for throats i personally dont wrap the hackle and separate and pull it down
  8. have you tried bending a hook with that bend and length to the shape of the bottom hook? find a limerick bend hook and bend it to the bottom hook shape. daiichi d2271 or mustad 3665s or tiemco 700 why wont the daiichi 1730 work if there is nothing to replace the bottom hook?
  9. steve i'm sure you know what "trude style" flies are and/or where to find them but for others Trude flies are characterized by a down wing, slanting back over the body, usually made of animal hair and most recently calf tail hair, often white pass the test? 😀
  10. Killer Category - Dry Fly Hook - Mustad R50-94840, size 8-14 Thread - Black Body - Peacock herl Wing - Woodchuck, tied trude style Hackle - Brown
  11. flytire


    Tie YOUR brassies the way YOU want to tie them Try different color wires (red, green, blue, black etc) and different materials for the thorax (peacock herl, ostrich herl etc) Tie this fly in YOUR favorite sizes and using different hook styles
  12. Squirrel and Teal Category - Steelhead Hook - Up eye salmon style Thread - Black Tag - Oval gold tinsel Tail - Golden pheasant crest Ribbing - Oval gold tinsel Body - Gray dubbing Hackle - Blue dun Wing - Gray squirrel tail and teal feather fibers, mixed
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