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  1. Bat Wing Emerger Hook - Sprite S2499 or equivalent Thread - Olive Bead - Black pearlescent glass bead Tail - Grizzly hackle fibers Body - Stripped peacock herl Wing - Fluffy end of a grizzly hackle Thorax - Olive dubbing Coat the hook shank with crazy glue prior to wrapping the stripped peacock herl Search YouTube for "Bat Wing Emerger" instructional tying videos.
  2. Tamagodi Atlantic Salmon Daniel Godbout Hook - Mustad 79580 or equivalent, size 2 Thread - Red Body - Oval tinsel covered with yellow lacquer Wing - Dyed green, gray squirrel hairs Collar - Guinea fowl feather dyed green
  3. thank you for the education regarding fly tying thread. good stuff for beginners my problem is not about different brands of thread and how they wrap around a hook shank my problem was about veevus thread. so i'll try again i have been using veevus thread for a number of years. after finishing a spool of 12/0 black veevus thread, i tied a new fly with a new spool of thread. it was then that I noticed the thread was a little bit larger the previous thread i had tied with. the spool is labeled 12/0 but i dont feel it is 12/0. in my visual inspection it is bigger. it even feels thicker when extracting thread from the bobbin holder to tie it onto the hook shank its quite possible the spool is mislabeled. threads are manufactured in the same factory regardless of sizes. its quite possible spools got mislabeled to veevus thread users - have you noticed any thickness differences from one spool to another of a particular size (12/0) in thread thickness? thank you norm
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    Ground Moles

    thats funny but i dont think i'm blowing up yard
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    Ground Moles

    How do you get rid of the lawn ruining little bastards! i tried this. nope! still digging up my yard
  6. The Unknown Atlantic Salmon Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H or equivalent Thread - Black Tag - Oval gold tinsel and yellow uni stretch Ribbing - Oval gold tinsel Body - Green chenille Wings - Green dyed gray squirrel Topping - Golden pheasant crest (Optional) Hackle - Blue hen hackle fibers
  7. When you tie with one brand of thread long enough you get a feel for that thread I use veevus 12/0 threads for most of the flies I tie but I have noticed lately it seems like it is much larger than 12/0, more like 6/0 or 8/0 It builds up faster than 12/0 thread should Maybe the spools are mislabeled? I don't know Do I stick with veevus but use 14/0 or 16/0? Anybody else have that experience with the brand of thread you use? Time to switch brands? Ultra-thread? Nano silk?
  8. i knew a guy with that same toupee πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
  9. thats an expression of being stabbed in the back by the one in front 😠
  10. Olive Soft Hackle Hook - Mustad 3399, 3906 or equivalent Thread - Black Body - Turkey body herl Thorax - Peacock herl Collar - Hungarian partridge
  11. Al French Created by Tec Morphy Al French was created to fish for brook trout (speckled trout) in the lakes that are now part of the ZEC Saint-Patrice, in the Outaouais. Hook - Mustad 79580or equivalent, size 2, 4 or 6 Thread - Black Tail - Golden pheasant tippets Body – Yellow chenille Throat - Orange hackle fibers Wing – Mixed brown and orange deer hair or bucktail
  12. The Dancer Created by Andy Barr Rainbow, brown and speckled trout Hook - Mustad 3906B or equivalent, size 10 & 12 Thread - Red Tail - Golden pheasant tippets and red floss Body - Red floss or uni stretch Ribbing - Oval gold tinsel Hackle - Black hen
  13. Babiche Atlantic Salmon/Trout Hook - Mustad 79580 or equivalent, size 2 -14 Thread - Black Body - Silver lamΓ© yarn (I used Bill's Body Braid) Belly - White chenille Wings - Peacock herl over black bucktail over white bucktail Throat - Red hackle fibers Eyes - Painted black over yellow Richard Lauzon made a new streamer that he named "Babiche", named after the first lake, located in the region of Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain
  14. πŸ‘πŸ‘ i havent had steamahs in probably 40 years no fish mongers around me that sells them my parents used to have clam bakes in the 1970's and they used to get them by the bushel baskets delicious with melted buttah
  15. fried clam strips for me and lobster roll
  16. Clam chowdah and clam frittahs
  17. prior to posting your next video use http instead of https was is
  18. Ekuanitshit Atlantic Salmon Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H or equivalent Thread - Black Tag – Flat gold tinsel and fluorescent red floss or uni stretch Tail - Golden pheasant crest Butt - Black ostrich Body - Blue floss (back half); black floss (front half) Rib – Oval gold tinsel Throat - Blue hen fibers Under-wing - A few strands of krystal flash (Silver Doctor blue) Wing - Black bear hair
  19. Robert Special Robert Veilleux Atlantic Salmon/Trout Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H or equivalent Thread - Black Tail - Fluorescent orange calf tail Body - Alternating bands of black and white wool yarn Wing - Calf tail Collar - Brown hen hackle The inventor of this fly, Robert Veilleux de la Beauce, uses it for trolling in the ZEC Jarro and he assures us that it only takes large trout.
  20. I basically follow the order of materials as written in a fly recipe why hackles are before or after a wing, i have no idea but maybe the hackle in front of the wing may push more water and give the fly a little wiggle to attract a fish why is it a beard hackle or wrapped hackle i have no idea i prefer a tying a beard/throat hackle under the hook shank rather than wrapping the hackle and then pulling it down under the hook shank to resemble a beard/throat. it basically gives the same appearance. at least to me thats my story and i'm sticking to it πŸ˜ƒ
  21. Joe Brooks Hook - Mustad 3399, 3906 or equivalent Thread - Red Tail - Grizzly hen hackle fibers Body - Mix of olive, orange, yellow and white rabbit fur dubbing Hackle - Grizzly hen Wing - White calf tail The Classic Wet Fly Box - Mike Valla
  22. Fernow Hook - Mustad 3399, 3906 or equivalent Thread - Black Tail - Peacock sword fibers Ribbing - Flat silver tinsel Body - Olive floss or uni stretch Hackle - Dark brown hen Wing - Peacock sword fibers The Classic Wet Fly Box - Mike Valla
  23. Cascadilla Hook - Mustad 3399, 3906 or equivalent Thread - Black Tail - Peacock sword fibers Tag - Flat silver tinsel, 2 turns Ribbing - Flat silver tinsel Body - Brown wool Hackle - Black hen Wing - Peacock sword fibers The Classic Wet Fly Box - Mike Valla
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