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  1. flytire

    Red Bird

    more messes coming
  2. nothing here? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=spey+and+dee+flies
  3. flytire


    okay please post a photo of your fly
  4. flytire

    Identity theft

    👍😀 i definitely do not miss all of those junk mailings for credit cards! i haven't received them in years
  5. No on the swivels i have no watercraft to go out and troll flies
  6. flytire


    no deterioration wire is an acceptable substitute
  7. flytire

    Identity theft

    me too its been a couple of weeks since i submitted all of the paperwork evidence that i hope gets resolved in my dads favor
  8. i think the gray ghost is missing some items reference - Carrie G Stevens Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout an Salmon Flies - Graydon R Hilyard
  9. why settle for something other than what you really want. find a different place to order beads
  10. flytire


    yup every time i go fishing it seem to be a game between me and the damn fish 😀
  11. daiichi 1273 are red hooks daiichi 1270 are not
  12. looks to be the same as daiichi 1730 as previously mentioned
  13. try a church window feather hornberg and just substitute the feathers
  14. Looks like theyd be good for soft hackles, small winged wet flies, nymph tails, nymph legs etc
  15. Purple Spackle Category - Steelhead Hook - Up eye salmon style Thread - Black Tail - Pearl krystal flash Body - Purple chenille Rib - Embossed gold tinsel Wing - Pearl krystal flash Collar - Purple hackle
  16. i received a really nice set of streamers from really good tyers 👍👍 thanks to all who participated and to the swapmeister 👍 maybe this type of swap can be done again
  17. i use hen hackle for throats i personally dont wrap the hackle and separate and pull it down
  18. have you tried bending a hook with that bend and length to the shape of the bottom hook? find a limerick bend hook and bend it to the bottom hook shape. daiichi d2271 or mustad 3665s or tiemco 700 why wont the daiichi 1730 work if there is nothing to replace the bottom hook?
  19. steve i'm sure you know what "trude style" flies are and/or where to find them but for others Trude flies are characterized by a down wing, slanting back over the body, usually made of animal hair and most recently calf tail hair, often white pass the test? 😀
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